$50,000 Pick 6 Football Contest 2020

Contest Rules

How to Play Pick 6 Football Contest

Make 6 NFL or NCAAF plays each week including one 2-unit best bet. The other 5 plays will be graded as 1 unit. Standings will be based on WINS with Action Points being first tiebrealer, but 2-unit play still needed for both second tiebreaker and Pick 6 Bonus purposes.

You must make 6 plays each week to be eligible for that week's cash and free play prize. You must have made 90 total plays (equivalent of 15 weeks) to be eligible for the $20,000 in year end cash prizes. You must have made 48 total plays (equivalent of 8 weeks) to be eligible for the Halftime cash prizes.

Weekly Bitcoin payouts will be made to at least top 10 finishers based on TOTAL WINS that week. In case of a tie, tiebreaker is Action Points, which is how many points you beat or lost to the line by. second tiebreakr is Units, third tiebreaker is win%, after that prizes split. Players MUST have positive Action Points to earn prizes.

Weekly Payouts

$1,600 to at least the Top 10 Places for 17 weeks. 10,000 Free Play points divided among all users with at least 5 wins that did not with BTC or Free SBR Pro Membership.

1st. $300
2nd. $250
3rd. $200
4th. $175
5th. $150
6th. $125

If 10 or fewer SBR Pros went 6-0. 7th to 10th $100 each

If more than 10 SBR Pros went 6-0, $400 gets evenly divided by all 6-0s outside the Top 6.

*Non-Pro users that finish in TOP 3 receive half of the weekly prize, Non-Pros that finish 4th-6th win Free SBR Pro Membership for one year. When there are Non-Pro winners, undistributed winnings go to highest finishing SBR Pros with 5 wins.

Pick 6 Bonus: If any 2-unit play covers ATS AND the covering team has a at least one Pick 6 in the game. you WIN A 600-point free play! Free plays are used in the SBR Sportsbook (applies to ATS plays only).

Halftime Payouts (TOP 12 SBR PROS ONLY After Week 9)

1st. $600
2nd. $500
3rd. $400
4th. $300
5th. $250
6th. $150
7th-12th. $100

Overall Year-End Prizes (Top 25 SBR PROS ONLY)

1st. $6,000    8th. $550   15th. $250   
2nd. $3,500   9th $500    16th. $220   
3rd. $2,500   10th. $450   17th. $200   
4th. $1,250   11th. $400   18th. $170   
5th. $850     12th. $350   19th. $160   
6th. $700     13th. $300   20th. $150
7th. $600     14th. $275   21st-25th. $125

All cash prizes throughout the contest will be paid out in Bitcoin.


1. All SBR PRO users will receive the full value of their cash prize. Non-Pro users that finish TOP 3 ONLY earn half of the weekly cash prize. You must be an SBR Pro by the end of week 12 to be eligible for the overall prizes and you must maintain existing SBR Pro membership. Non-Pros who upgrade to SBR Pro after week 12 will be able to claim 100% of the remaining weekly prizes, but will not be eligible for the overall prizes.

**For weekly cash prizes, if a Non-Pro finishes in Top 6, undistributed winnings will go to top SBR Pros with 5 wins until the $1600 is disbursed. If there were 10 or fewer 6-0s. the top Pros with 5 wins would get $100. If there were more than 10 Pros at 6-0, top Pros with 5 wins would get equal amount as last 6-0 prize. Non-Pros DO receive Full weekly Free Plays and the Pick 6 Bonus free play.

***SBR PRO cash winners outside of the top 10 caused by Non-Pros placing in the money will get the CASH ONLY and are not eligible for the weekly Free Plays. They ARE eligible for the Pick 6 Bonus Free Play however.

2. Multiple entries per household are prohibited. SBR reserves the right to disqualify users who attempt to gain more than one entry in the contest or who otherwise attempt to cheat and violate the basic good faith of the contest. 

3. SBR employees who work inside of SBR headquarters as well as members of their family are ineligible to claim any real-money prizes.

4. All bitcoin prizes must be claimed within 30 days of winning prize, with winners needing to PM SBR Genie with wallet info.

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Tue, September, 8, 2020
End Date:Tue, January, 5, 2021
Round Duration:Every Week
Max Round Plays:6
Min Round Plays:6
Max Plays:102
Min Plays:90
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
BestBets Required:1
BestBet Multiplier Value:2
Show Pending:No
Grading Method:Total Wins
Prize Pool:$50,000.00
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 7419-7081-512
Percent: 51.17 %
Units: -378.57
Completed Plays

Week 2 Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 Gonz312 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 91.0 +7.00 -
2 mush 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 81.0 +7.00 -
3 LT Profits 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 75.5 +7.00 -
4 gavin 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 71.0 +7.05 -
5 sportsfun 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 70.5 +7.00 -
6 greenblue44 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 68.5 +7.05 -
7 Crusherrr 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 58.0 +7.04 -
8 stump 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 57.5 +7.00 -
9 sammyesalem 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 56.0 +7.04 -
10 biggie12 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 56.0 +7.00 -
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Overall Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 sportsfun 14-2-0 87.50 % W 3 176.0 +11.70 2 pending
2 Tanko 14-4-0 77.78 % W 6 79.5 +12.74 -
3 hhsilver 13-4-1 76.47 % L 1 138.5 +10.61 -
4 Daniel Espinosa 13-5-0 72.22 % W 3 138.0 +10.65 -
5 mush 13-3-0 81.25 % W 4 131.0 +10.50 1 pending
6 ex50warrior 13-3-0 81.25 % W 1 95.0 +10.62 2 pending
7 bigtymer56 13-3-0 81.25 % L 1 94.0 +12.63 1 pending
8 gavin 13-4-0 76.47 % L 1 62.5 +11.66 1 pending
9 aggieshawn 13-4-0 76.47 % W 3 -9.5 +10.56 1 pending
10 chrisbuc40 12-3-0 80.00 % L 1 140.5 +8.43 3 pending
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newton0038 (7 hours ago)
Jets and Indy game have 2 different spreads. Please correct
LT Profits (5 hours ago)
Reported. Thanks.
LT Profits (5 hours ago)
Colts line fixed.
JoeCool20 (15 hours ago)
How many times will LT Profits have to answer the same couple of questions? Over/under 500. LOL
LT Profits (10 hours ago)
Are we at 500 yet? LOL
Sancte (7 hours ago)
Hi JoeCool there are two leaderboards. One is the weekly leaderboard and the other is called the overall leaderboard was just surprised the latter was not being determined by units given the 90 pick minimum.
LT Profits (5 hours ago)
Sancte, system does not allow multiple grading methods within same contest.
Sancte (16 hours ago)
Can someone please explain to me why the overall leaderboard is done by wins instead of units?
LT Profits (10 hours ago)
Read the rules, it goes Wins/Action Points/Units. Reasoning has been answered several times both in these comments and in forum thread, we do not want replay of last year with guys taking random + odds plays just to break 6-0 ties.
Sancte (7 hours ago)
Hi LT thanks so much for response. I did go thru comments and looked up contest thread. I was asking about the overall leaderboard not the week leaderboard for years end.
greenblue44 (1 day ago)
whats deadline for picks? so u can know if match is cancelled due to covid
LT Profits (1 day ago)
You have until kickoff time of each play you want, you do not need to enter all plays at once. Although it is not advisable to wait until the very last minute.
greenblue44 (1 day ago)
re pick if match is pushed or no?
convick (1 day ago)
greenblue44 (1 day ago)
i made 6 picks but now saying only are pending is it cancelled do i get to pick again?
greenblue44 (1 day ago)
only 5*
LT Profits (1 day ago)
PPD games not made up same week count as a Push
DR225 (3 days ago)
The Indy/Jets line is messed up, Colts are -9.5 and the jets are +11.5.
SBR Genie (2 days ago)
This has been fixed DR225. Thanks
leovegas (3 days ago)
will the total for the patriots game be available?
LT Profits (3 days ago)
Reported leo.
LT Profits (3 days ago)
Pats total fixed
leovegas (2 days ago)
thanks LT, won't be betting it myself but could help someone else
LT Profits (3 days ago)
Top 40 Overall SBR PROS: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/players-talk/3620997-pick-6-contest-2020-top-40-overall-sbr-pros.html#post29730163
kickenchicken70 (5 days ago)
why am i only allowed 5 picks for this coming week?
kickenchicken70 (4 days ago)
never mind lol really sux
baobo (5 days ago)
What is the 2x pick for pick 6 on week 3?
Tanko (2 days ago)
I'm assuming you figured this out since you made a 2X pick on UAB last night. If you don't know what 2X picks are used for... a) they are used in the determineing the 2nd tie-breaker in the standings since those games are 2X units b) as stated in the rules, Pick 6 Bonus: If any 2-unit play covers ATS AND the covering team has a at least one Pick 6 in the game. you WIN A 600-point free play! Free plays are used in the SBR Sportsbook (applies to ATS plays only).
booker777 (5 days ago)
Love this contest but let me ask. Why do 2x winners not count as 2 wins since wins is the leading driver here.
LT Profits (5 days ago)
Reasons for 2x are A)Units is the second tiebreaker and B)must be 2x to win Pick 6 Bonus.
gavin (5 days ago)
175 bucks I’ll take it thanks!!
gauchojake (3 days ago)
gavin you are a stud.
SBR Genie (5 days ago)
Congratulations Week 2 winners - https://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/players-talk/3621902-pick-6-week-2-btc-pro-status-freeplays-winners.html
gauchojake (5 days ago)
I love action points!!!
LT Profits (5 days ago)
95 Week 2 Winners after bannings
toddsclowns (5 days ago)
Love the “after bannings” part. Appreciate all you do LT! Keep it up! Well except for the 6-0 week, that gets old quick ??
LT Profits (5 days ago)
7 banned members have beem removed from this contest: 21-Halfmoons, 41-HeldigTigger, 59-ChrisBGiannini, 66-Joejagur28, 70-tekmunnee, 85-Redzilla5, 99-astking1
JAKEPEAVY21 (6 days ago)
How on Earth do action points trump units won?
LT Profits (6 days ago)
Already discussed in detail in the forum thread, "most primary" factor is no more forcing + odds plays on games you do not even like just to break ties.
Igor_1965 (6 days ago)
'Forcing plays' is name of the game. It's a tournament. Hopefully this is a one-and-done rule, like challenging PI in NFL last season.
LT Profits (6 days ago)
No, rule is here to stay with small fixed weekly amount of plays, there will always be 6-0 ties at the top, don't want winner decided by who luckboxed bigger + odds play.
konck (6 days ago)
Action pts makes it easier to steal
LT Profits (6 days ago)
konck at least guys now cap games or at least take plays they like instead off blindly taking biggest + odds as a play.
Thunderground (5 days ago)
I know Jakepeavy, it's beyond belief. Action points over units. Holy macaroni. What does it matter if people throw darts at positive odds, LT? Double unit plays are far more indicative of skill than action points.
convick (5 days ago)
Contests became a matter of guys picking only + odds lines. Doesnt sound like capping.
LT Profits (5 days ago)
Thunderground, there was TOO much emphasis on guys HAVING TO have + odds winner in order to cash. And to your point about double units, a lot of guys auto made + odds plays their 2* with no capping involved.
Thunderground (5 days ago)
LT, all due respect, those dart throwers may get lucky and win a weekly round, but never the contest. Anybody can win a hand in poker, but not the tournament. At least base the contest standings on units. Otherwise you're putting the cart before the horse.
Optional (5 days ago)
The contest was never based on Units Thunderground. Win record trumps everything. This is just a tie breaker we are talking about. And the Units tiebreaker did not work well last year. Cap for Action Points and you'll be fine now you know how it works.
Ghenghis Kahn (6 days ago)
Actions points are dumb since it give huge advantage to total bettors. At the end of the day, it's all about how many units you're up or down.
LT Profits (6 days ago)
How is it an advantage for total players, they should have wilder fluctuations.
LT Profits (6 days ago)
Also let's face it, the top winners will always be 6-0, so how is it fair that ties are broken by random + odds plays? At least action points favors legit capping.
Igor_1965 (6 days ago)
Right, just find a way to make UNITS decide OVERALL standings next season please
LT Profits (6 days ago)
Um no, it has already been explained multiple times why Action Points is MUCH better for this type of contest with a small fixed amount of weekly plays. There will always be 6-0 ties at the top, don't want winner decided by who luckboxed bigger + odds play they did not even like.
LT Profits (5 days ago)
Sorry Igor, I misinterpreted your last comment, doing that would require system overhaul, it is currently impossible to have different Grading Method for Rounds and Overall.
Ghenghis Kahn (5 days ago)
You bet real money LT. C'mon man, does it really matter if the team covers by 100 points or 1 point? But the units matter. 2 unit plays are worth more than 1 unit plays.
LT Profits (5 days ago)
Ghenghis Kahn, you are totally missing the point, we are only talking about contests like this with a small fixed amount of plays where there will always be ties at 6-0 at the top. In this case, units may actually ne the WORST tiebreaker because the winner would simply be the guy that took the highest + odds on a random uncapped game, just go back to last year for reference. Of course we would use units if the contest required say 20 plays or something, but with only 6 plays, I think we are doing it right.
Honeybadger44 (6 days ago)
Sorry for the stupid question, but standing are based on wins now? That means 2x plays have no real purpose anymore?
cjwatsonfan32 (6 days ago)
Essentially yes as action point tiebreakers will rarely result in a tie to proceed to move on to the unit tiebreaker. Best bets are essentially just checking the box to get to submit your picks. Too many people bitched about the units last year and getting screwed because of the fluctuations of price changes.The best bet was the most intriguing part of this contest, but of course, SBR users find a way to bitch and moan their way to getting that nullified
Thunderground (6 days ago)
looks like standings are based on action points. lol
cjwatsonfan32 (6 days ago)
W>AP>Units. Kind of bullshit when you have had this contest based on units and you’re losing to guys who lose their top play of the week. Here’s how this could have been fixed and pleased everybody: you go 6-0 for the week, you get btc based on your action points, anything less than 6-0 is ranked units then action points and that should have applied for season leaderboard. Frankly I don’t think they shouldn’t have changed it at all. You’re not going to get the same price all the time at sportsbooks. You miss out by a tenth of a unit? Well do a better job of jumping on it at that price or find one to match.
cjwatsonfan32 (6 days ago)
swordsandtequila (6 days ago)
They changed it because last year it came down to throwing darts at + odds to win anything. They could make the 2x pick relevant (to more than the pick 6) by making it worth 2 games, +2 for a win and -2 for a loss.
LT Profits (6 days ago)
Honeybadger, 2x matters for 2 reasons: A)Units are still second tiebreaker and yes it has broken some Action ties already, and B)2x is necessary for Pick 6 Bonus.
LT Profits (6 days ago)
cjwatson it is physically impossible to have different sorts based on records and no we will not do it manually LOL
LT Profits (6 days ago)
Also cjwatson, you are missing the point of why we made the change, last year guys were forcing +odds plays on games they may have not have really liked just to to break ties.
LT Profits (6 days ago)
Thunderground, just like it clearly states in the rules, this is not a surprise :) Actually based on Wins with Action first tiebreaker then Units second.
Honeybadger44 (6 days ago)
I'd tend to agree with cjwatsonfan32 in this case. Prices are changing all the time and one of the skills to be a succesfull bettor is to know when to jump on it. I understand why you changed it, but I don't know why was the problem if somebody is picking +money odds and hunting that weekly prize. Let them do it and the rest will have easier job to go for the overall prize.
johnnygooble (6 days ago)
Silver leads due to his love of the sunbelt over the dregs of the big 12....He cant keep picking upsets like that.
LT Profits (1 week ago)
Meanwhile, look at top of Week 2 standings!
seaborneq (1 week ago)
well, well, well. Hard work pays off and explaining the rules to all the new players. LOL
biggie12 (6 days ago)
coming for you Lt need about 23+ win for Seattle.
Gonz312 (6 days ago)
What am I supposed to be looking at?
biggie12 (6 days ago)
Seattle to win by 46 and u move to second good job gonz
Krashman (6 days ago)
LT Profits (6 days ago)
LOL @Krashman. Congrats to Gonz312 for passing me but we are not locked into our spots yet with some 4-0s entering Monday.
biggie12 (6 days ago)
guns pretty locked in unless someone kills a total with action points
Igor_1965 (6 days ago)
I think New Orleans wins 30-13 and you guys are safe.
LT Profits (5 days ago)
I got "mushed" for second :)
Okieirish (1 week ago)
GO PACK GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
leovegas (1 week ago)
Who's on the Ravens later today? Let's go!
AceFarmer1 (1 week ago)
chidondollars (1 week ago)
All lines except bills have moved against me but I may likely go 6-0 today
chidondollars (1 week ago)
Lt, can a game be cancelled an hour to game time. Although I haven't choose cfb before
LT Profits (1 week ago)
Do you mean game get PPD or are you talking about cancelling a play? Games can be PPD any time. submitted plays are final, only deletions would be for bad lines.
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