$50,000+ Pick 6 Football Contest 2021

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Contest Rules

FULL Details in SBR Forum: 

How to Play Pick 6 Football Contest

Make 6 NFL or NCAAF plays each week including one 2-unit best bet. The other 5 plays will be graded as 1 unit. Standings will be based on WINS with Action Points being first tiebrealer, but 2-unit play still needed for both second tiebreaker and Pick 6 Bonus purposes.

You must make 6 plays each week to be eligible for that week's cash and free play prize. You must have made 90 total plays (equivalent of 15 weeks) to be eligible for the $20,000 in year end cash prizes. You must have made 48 total plays (equivalent of 8 weeks) to be eligible for the Halftime cash prizes.

Weekly Bitcoin payouts will be made to at least top 10 finishers based on TOTAL WINS that week. In case of a tie, tiebreaker is Action Points, which is how many points you beat or lost to the line by, second tiebreaker is Units, third tiebreaker is win%, after that prizes split.

Weekly Payouts

$1,600 to at least the Top 10 Places for 18 weeks. 10,000 Free Play points divided among all users with at least 5 wins that did not with BTC or Free SBR Pro Membership.

1st. $300
2nd. $250
3rd. $200
4th. $175
5th. $150
6th. $125

If 10 or fewer SBR Pros went 6-0. 7th to 10th $100 each

If more than 10 SBR Pros went 6-0, $400 gets evenly divided by all 6-0s outside the Top 6.

*Non-Pro users that finish in TOP 3 receive half of the weekly prize, Non-Pros that finish 4th-6th win Free SBR Pro Membership for one year. When there are Non-Pro winners, undistributed winnings go to highest finishing SBR Pros with 5 wins.

Pick 6 Bonus: If any 2-unit play covers ATS AND the covering team has a at least one Pick 6 in the game. you WIN A 600-point free play! Free plays are used in the SBR Sportsbook (applies to ATS plays only).

Halftime Payouts (TOP 12 SBR PROS ONLY After Week 9)

1st. $600
2nd. $500
3rd. $400
4th. $300
5th. $250
6th. $150
7th-12th. $100

Overall Year-End Prizes (Top 25 SBR PROS ONLY)

1st. $6,000    8th. $550   15th. $250   
2nd. $3,500   9th $500    16th. $220   
3rd. $2,500   10th. $450   17th. $200   
4th. $1,250   11th. $400   18th. $170   
5th. $850     12th. $350   19th. $160   
6th. $700     13th. $300   20th. $150
7th. $600     14th. $275   21st-25th. $125

All cash prizes throughout the contest will be paid out in Bitcoin.


1. All SBR PRO users will receive the full value of their cash prize. Non-Pro users that finish TOP 3 ONLY earn half of the weekly cash prize. You must be an SBR Pro by the end of week 12 to be eligible for the overall prizes and you must maintain existing SBR Pro membership. Non-Pros who upgrade to SBR Pro after week 12 will be able to claim 100% of the remaining weekly prizes, but will not be eligible for the overall prizes.

**For weekly cash prizes, if a Non-Pro finishes in Top 6, undistributed winnings will go to top SBR Pros with 5 wins until the $1600 is disbursed. If there were 10 or fewer 6-0s. the top Pros with 5 wins would get $100. If there were more than 10 Pros at 6-0, top Pros with 5 wins would get equal amount as last 6-0 prize. Non-Pros DO receive Full weekly Free Plays and the Pick 6 Bonus free play.

***SBR PRO cash winners outside of the top 10 caused by Non-Pros placing in the money will get the CASH ONLY and are not eligible for the weekly Free Plays. They ARE eligible for the Pick 6 Bonus Free Play however.

2. Multiple entries per household are prohibited. SBR reserves the right to disqualify users who attempt to gain more than one entry in the contest or who otherwise attempt to cheat and violate the basic good faith of the contest. 

3. SBR employees who work inside of SBR headquarters as well as members of their family are ineligible to claim any real-money prizes.

4. All bitcoin prizes must be claimed within 30 days of winning prize, with winners needing to PM SBR Forum handle with wallet info.

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Tue, September, 7, 2021
End Date:Mon, January, 10, 2022
Round Duration:Every Week
Max Round Plays:6
Min Round Plays:6
Max Plays:108
Min Plays:90
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
BestBets Required:1
BestBet Multiplier Value:2
Show Pending:No
Grading Method:Total Wins
Prize Pool:$20,000.00
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 35590-35229-975
Percent: 50.25 %
Units: -3,676.82
Completed Plays

Week 17 Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 brianmoconnor 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 118.5 +7.00 -
2 Champ2399 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 101.5 +7.00 -
3 USCPHILLYGUY 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 74.0 +7.00 -
4 MrsMoneyline 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 67.0 +7.00 -
5 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 60.5 +7.00 -
6 jrgum3 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 45.0 +7.00 -
7 alta 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 43.5 +7.00 -
8 cg5293 6-0-0 100.00 % W 6 31.5 +7.00 -
9 jonnyh 5-1-0 83.33 % W 5 78.5 +4.90 -
10 lotero 5-1-0 83.33 % L 1 75.5 +2.80 -
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Overall Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 avssakic 70-35-3 66.67 % W 1 319.5 +39.50 $6,000.00
2 MOBIL19 67-40-1 62.62 % L 2 248.5 +33.57 $3,500.00
3 gshock1 66-39-3 62.86 % W 3 332.5 +24.12 $2,500.00
4 Zlaniner 66-41-1 61.68 % W 2 225.5 +20.08 $1,250.00
5 booya 66-39-2 62.86 % W 1 168.5 +29.79 $850.00
6 jrgum3 65-42-1 60.75 % W 4 493.5 +24.75 $700.00
7 USCPHILLYGUY 65-42-1 60.75 % W 3 299.5 +21.58 $600.00
8 peacebyinches 65-43-0 60.19 % L 1 188.5 +17.01 $550.00
9 daneblazer 65-39-4 62.50 % W 1 181.0 +19.21 $500.00
10 nistohm 64-42-2 60.38 % W 7 444.0 +22.53 $450.00
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JoeCool20 (12 months ago)
So whoever won/got betpoints can't even use them to bet anything because all there is in the sportsbook is the 2022 world cup and NO casino either! LOL What a shitbox this site has become!
Alright Alright (13 months ago)
Will you please tell me how long my suspension will last?
WireWire (13 months ago)
LT can I get my pro membership? It's been about a month since i won it, thanks again
LT Profits (13 months ago)
I left message with admin, I suspect they are taking care of those that renewed on their own first before going through contest winners. They will get there though unless I get fired :)
WireWire (13 months ago)
Cool, thanks Lt
pimike (13 months ago)
Me too Can’t log in now either. Didn’t get Bitcoin from this contest either? Assuming not all were pros
brianmoconnor (13 months ago)
Has anyone actually received a BTC payout? I won a weekly contest last year and again this year. Never received the credit to my account either time.
cg5293 (13 months ago)
Yes, just received my week 17 payouts about an hour ago. Haven’t gotten the end of year payout but I’m guessing that will come sometime next week.
cg5293 (13 months ago)
And I just received my season long payout about an hour later so they are definitely sending out the BTC prizes.
LT Profits (13 months ago)
brian did you send wallet info to SBR Forum handle and if so, when? There was a BTC run just last evening (Wednesday) at around 6pm ET.
Wilfred (13 months ago)
Went 58-48-2, up 8.56 units, came in 99th and I don’t think I won a single point! Hopefully we have a contest next year!
chidondollars (13 months ago)
So BadNina wasted it all
retard (13 months ago)
Bigday must have choked I thought he was number one
LT Profits (13 months ago)
I feel terrible for BIGDAY, he finished as 26th SBR Pro :(
las8 (13 months ago)
Thanks LT and congrats winners! I got a 1st and 2nd for weekly payout but that 0-6 during conference champ week killed me. Hopefully they will continue this next year.
harthebar (13 months ago)
Congrats all. Super year. Thanks to all the officials. Lt .etc etc etc.....sorry the guys didn't become pros......ill itch my head to that.......a wize man once told me. ..its a no Brainerd. ST______ AND CONGRATS ON YOUR YEAR....WHEN DOES THE STORE OPEN BY THE WZY....AVSSAKIC....YOU HAD ONE HECK OF A YEAR. BRANDON LANG.....YOU ALL BE SAFE AND HEALTHY...ENJOY YOUR WINNINGS.......BUT AGAIN WE ARE ALL WINNERS........THANKS AGAIN LT.......MEMORIES CRASH ON TIRELESS WAVES. ITS THE LIFEGUARDS WHOM THE WINTER SAVES....
soccerzyko (13 months ago)
LT - great contest, thanks for running! The last 2 weeks, my 2x picks (Ravens week 17 and Georgia week 18) had Pick 6's. Understand Georgia just happened yesterday, so no rush there... but when can I expect the Ravens win and eventual Georgia win to be funded? Thanks again.
Dlo5 (13 months ago)
LT Profits who do we have to message with the wallet info?
LT Profits (13 months ago)
Send to username SBR Forum
LT Profits (13 months ago)
Top 10 for Week 18 are all SBR Pro, making for easy BTC distribution. Removed Non-Pros BadNina (2nd), esulima (9th) and silfornia (22nd) to display Top 25 OVERALL SBR Pros Only. Of those three, only silfornia won Free Play share for Week 18 at 5-1.
cg5293 (13 months ago)
You sure they are still paying these BTC prizes. I still never got mine from last week. Previous years it was always paid by Friday the same week. I know your not the one in charge of that side of shit just curious if you know how delayed they were?
MOBIL19 (13 months ago)
My week 15 prize was paid Jan 5th (week ended Dec 21st). As long as my week 17 prize and Year-End prize are paid any time before end of month I'll be happy with that. So the delay was two weeks for wk17
MOBIL19 (13 months ago)
Also my SBR Pro status was just renewed (I deposited to Pinnacle and sent my application during late November). The delay here was about 6 weeks.
cg5293 (13 months ago)
Whenever works for me, I just was seeing some of these comments on here and wasn’t sure what was going on. Appreciate it.
eddycash (13 months ago)
I forget who do I send my BTC address to again? For going 6-0.
LT Profits (13 months ago)
SBR Forum handle
alta (13 months ago)
LT? If we want Alabama at the real line of +3, do we list it in a post here or click on Alabama (at -3.5 alt line) and you will make correction for contest pick?
alta (13 months ago)
No response to prior post. My Contest pick is the real line Alabama +3. So I am going to click on the alt line of Alabama -3.5, with the assumption, my pick will be credited at Alabama +3
LT Profits (13 months ago)
I did respond. Nothing will be deleted, whatever line was accepted will be honored.
LT Profits (13 months ago)
Oh, I actually saw Alt Line in opposite direction, I saw Alabama +7.5 after your post. Changes nothing though, whatever line you took, you get.
frankzig (13 months ago)
line was changed line was on denver game from +11 to +4
LT Profits (13 months ago)
We never displayed the +11, line feed did not fix until just before kick-off of Dallas game Saturday night, stale Denver +4 was up from time we moved game to Saturday until kick-off.
alta (13 months ago)
Line Feed total is correct 52.5 now, but side spread remains alt line
LT Profits (13 months ago)
Thank God this is the last college game. Go ahead and take the Alt Line, I said the other day that nothing will get deleted other than the dupe Dallas game, so will stick with that.
alta (13 months ago)
Line Feed for both side and total for Alabama/ Georgia is alt lines. What are those with less than 6 picks to do?
OVAKUL (13 months ago)
This sucks! Tuesday morning is hours away and we have no stale lines to pick off anymore for next Sunday lol Can't wait for September already :)
LT Profits (13 months ago)
Remember guys, this contest is not over since line feed is fixed. There are still open plays on Alabama/Georgia, and game is available to anyone with less than 6 picks. As I said the other day, I would have preferred feed was NOT fixed until Monday.
DrippingFang (13 months ago)
In any event, LT, you have done the best damn job you could -----given the circumstances -------which were FARRRRRRRRR from normal & disireable. I'm not in the running this year, but I applaud you for all your efforts, energy, and attention to our matters of "bitch." As I've said before in the last couple of months, we're lucky enough to have this contest in the first place. I wish my fellow gents would realize this. Ah, well, there's always next year, and maybe extra bowls of haggus. :) Take care, ALL.
ArunSh (13 months ago)
26th? Seriously? I bubble this contest because I was short one pick because my win was negated due to it being Tuesday, gotta say that's pretty sick :(
peacebyinches (13 months ago)
I believe there's 2 non-pros in the top 25 so I think you're in the money.
LT Profits (13 months ago)
Assuming you are still there after Monday, there are at least 2 Non-Pros just in top 15 alone, maybe more in the 16-25 range so you should be good.
ArunSh (13 months ago)
Ohh cool, thanks - that makes me feel better! I believe only one person can catch me so if at least two people are removed, then I will finish in Top 25 which is nice. Still can think about what might have been if I'd gotten that one extra win that was negated, but whatever, should have paid more attention to the standings/rules given what was going on, only really myself to blame in a sense (though I just made my picks at usual time and set back and waited, had no idea something was amiss!).
darrell74 (13 months ago)
Fwiw: I did apply for Pro membership on December 14th
LT Profits (13 months ago)
Too late darrell, needed to be pro by Week 12 to be eligible for BTC. Week 12 ended Monday, Nov. 30th.
eddycash (13 months ago)
I just went 6-0 too finally after a horrible season.
retard (13 months ago)
5-0 was already hard enough I got it a few times 6-0 was to intimidating I never got it.
ArunSh (13 months ago)
Woot, 6-0 in the final week, nice way to end, at least another nice weekly prize! Probably won't be quite enough to get me in the Top 25, but is what it is, at least got three 6-0 weeks to get some weekly stuff! Though won't deny it's a bit annoying that I will probably miss Top 25 by one pick, with my win that one week getting nullified since the game was on Tuesday. Such is life though!
franklee168 (13 months ago)
Great job Bro.
kaliboyz (13 months ago)
Congrats ArunSh.... I hope Raiders lose tonight so I can get paid this week.
SnakesPicks (13 months ago)
Enjoy the last days of the last contest ever on SBR.
nickfolker23 (13 months ago)
why would you say that
Roger T. Bannon (13 months ago)
I would have thought the same but if they put $10,000 into a lousy bowl contest, they will probably keep this one around. Hopefully, they get a better system or upgrade this one. The system has really gone down the tubes in the last couple of years. You can't screw this contest up but somehow it has been managed.
pabonaparte (13 months ago)
Hopefully it goes back to the old system. Units matter, not wins or action points.
Roger T. Bannon (13 months ago)
Maybe the new management will see the light. It seems they are probably going to go forward with this since they don't know what came before.
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