“Fly Me “ -Crack Of The Bat- Contest

Contest Prizes

1. thezbar 5,400p
2. KVB 2,250p
3. MickeyMan 1,350p

Contest Rules

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody in the car, so come on, let's ride
To the liquor store around the corner
The boys say they want some gin and juice
But I really don't wanna
Beer bust like I had last week
I must stay deep because talk is cheap
I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita
And as I continue you know they getting sweeter
So what can I do? I really beg you, my Lord
To me is flirting it's just like sport, anything fly
It's all good, let me dump it, please set in the trumpet
 A little bit of Monica in my life
A little bit of Erica by my side
A little bit of Rita's all I need
A little bit of Tina's what I see
A little bit of Sandra in the sun
A little bit of Mary all night long
A little bit of Jessica, here I am
A little bit of you makes me your man (Ha!)
Mambo Number 5! (Ha!)
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Thu, April, 1, 2021
End Date:Wed, November, 3, 2021
Max Members:30
Round Duration:Every Day
Max Round Plays:14
Max Plays:1000
Min Plays:350
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
BestBets Required:1
BestBet Multiplier Value:2
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:500
Grading Method:Net Units
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 3932-3883-252
Percent: 50.31 %
Units: -194.10
Completed Plays

Day 219 Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 thezbar 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 LT Profits 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 Da Manster! 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 noPunter 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 DiggityDaggityDo 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 MickeyMan 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 hugh_morris 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 MaltedHopsFrenzy 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 stevenash 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
1 Jayvegas420 0-0-0 0.00 % - 0.0 0.00 -
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Overall Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 thezbar 207-133-12 60.88 % L 1 104.0 +44.28 -
2 KVB 175-158-17 52.55 % W 3 -19.5 +19.52 -
3 MickeyMan 370-339-10 52.19 % L 2 190.0 +4.33 -
4 DiggityDaggityDo 348-332-15 51.18 % W 1 14.5 -4.75 -
5 Tolki 508-465-27 52.21 % W 1 156.0 -5.66 -
6 BrickJames 323-491-27 39.68 % L 1 -434.5 -9.24 -
7 trobin31 167-203-12 45.14 % L 2 32.0 -14.78 -
8 Da Manster! 193-189-16 50.52 % L 3 134.0 -20.85 -
9 LT Profits 426-405-38 51.26 % W 2 57.5 -24.34 -
10 MaltedHopsFrenzy 285-171-12 62.50 % W 1 -63.0 -38.87 -
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KVB (16 months ago)
Nice work Zbar but I want to make a special shoutout to Tolki...all 1k plays, 52.21%, ACTION was 156!!!!, only off -5.66 units. Solid display Tolki!!
DiggityDaggityDo (16 months ago)
Cant make picks. Fuk
MickeyMan (16 months ago)
Where’s the lines
KVB (16 months ago)
It’s a battle for third, both Mickey and DDD within 4 unit day yesterday. Get out the popcorn!
DiggityDaggityDo (16 months ago)
Sucks we can’t make picks
DiggityDaggityDo (16 months ago)
Today’s 2nd game not available
DiggityDaggityDo (16 months ago)
Again only one game listed. This late in the season with 3rd place on the line. Rubbish
LT Profits (16 months ago)
It is up, came up late because Braves waited that long to name starter.
MickeyMan (16 months ago)
LT can you give diggity Sherry’s phone number so we can get to the bottom of this
DiggityDaggityDo (17 months ago)
Mickey, we’re battling. Good luck, man.
MickeyMan (17 months ago)
Yeah diggity it’s been back and forth, good luck to you as well. It would be kind of funny if we both kept making plays till the end and Tolki ended up getting the 3rd place even tho he’s been maxed out on picks for quite a while haha
KVB (17 months ago)
Let's get the Giants tonight everyone.
KVB (17 months ago)
X 2 but maybe not, can't make picks.
LT Profits (17 months ago)
MLB fine now, pick away
DiggityDaggityDo (17 months ago)
KVB a tease
MickeyMan (17 months ago)
Did KVB and zebra die?
BrickJames (17 months ago)
They are waiting it out. No way anyone catches up.
DiggityDaggityDo (19 months ago)
Looks like it’s going to be a battle for 3rd place
MickeyMan (18 months ago)
My money is on that ardmorite fella
DiggityDaggityDo (19 months ago)
My 2x on CHW was graded a loss. Should be a win.
LT Profits (19 months ago)
No, you were watching a replay of Field Of Nightmares
LT Profits (19 months ago)
And fixed.
DiggityDaggityDo (19 months ago)
3 LAA/Tor games today. Wtf?
LT Profits (19 months ago)
"Let's play 3!" - Ernie Banks
LT Profits (19 months ago)
But seriously, 2:20 listing is supposed to be Milwaukee/Cubs, plays on game with wrong teams will be deleted. Techs are aware.
MickeyMan (19 months ago)
Zbar how big is your rooster pal
thezbar (19 months ago)
DiggityDaggityDo (19 months ago)
How YOU doin?
MickeyMan (19 months ago)
Soft I’m assuming, nice work
BrickJames (19 months ago)
This zbar kid is ridiculous
KVB (19 months ago)
I just made my 350th play. Whoo Hoo! Oh yeah!! Woot Woot!!! Choo Choo Mothafuckas!!!!
BrickJames (19 months ago)
Rookie numbers
DiggityDaggityDo (20 months ago)
Bricker with a +7.15u day… WOW
BrickJames (20 months ago)
I'm coming for first place
DiggityDaggityDo (20 months ago)
Guess who finally made it back to the top 5? Hi guys
Fidel_CashFlow (20 months ago)
DiggityDaggityDo (20 months ago)
And just like that, back to -15u
DiggityDaggityDo (20 months ago)
I’m forever living in 12th place
thezbar (20 months ago)
the good news if the contest were to end today you would receive 1,350 points
Fidel_CashFlow (20 months ago)
Hard for me to get into it you all Bad results mixed in with not checking games I tried just picking games without capping and it didn't work out too well . Took me from 4.5 units to -4.5 sigh
KVB (20 months ago)
Man,3 plays from 350 and left out liek 8 units in 3 plays last week. Could have berried this board...Doh!
KVB (20 months ago)
zbar is the fly in that hypothetical ointment. Even with the plays I missed putting in and including the fact the he needs 100 plays. He's still going strong and not letting up. He could be the winner if he hits the minimum and I see no reason why he shouldn't get there.
KVB (20 months ago)
Nasher just over 1/3 of the way there, he's got a ways to go if he's going to compete with us, he's not quite there yet and beckla even further.
KVB (20 months ago)
But DDD, you're right there if you go on a run. Especially when it comes to top 3.
DiggityDaggityDo (20 months ago)
Well, I’m already on my run, winning 6 days in a row and picking up about 20u. So we all know this won’t last. It was fun while it lasted though!
DiggityDaggityDo (20 months ago)
I want 7th place baaaaad… You hear me, Beavis???
KVB (20 months ago)
I deserve to lose today, forgot to put the first batch of plays in.
DiggityDaggityDo (20 months ago)
Guess who finally made it back to the top 10? Hi guys
thezbar (20 months ago)
This is a long contest. I was down 27 units at one point in early May. Don't give up.
KVB (21 months ago)
Fuk, bought Zona everywhere but in the contest...lol...I always forget the contest. Let's see if they can hold on to their lead.
KVB (21 months ago)
LT my 2x Yankee win brought your 2x OVER, we had the two pick. (High Five)
KVB (21 months ago)
Forgot to put Balty in the contest today, doh. Always forget the contests.
KVB (21 months ago)
lol Balty lost anyway.
KVB (21 months ago)
I was 5-1 June 1st and am 6-14-1 since.
BrickJames (21 months ago)
I have absolutely shit the bed this last week.
KVB (21 months ago)
It all happened so fast...lol and even my charts were screaming it. I didn't listen and tried to catch falling knives lol.
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