1.5K MLB Run Line Action Points Contest

Contest Rules

Minimum 60, maximum 90 MLB Run Line plays. Contest is RUN LINES ONLY and grading is based on ACTION POINTS (how much you beat or lost to run lines by). If there is pitching change, play stands.

1st.750 Free Play
2nd. 300 Free Play
3rd. 225 Free Play
4th. 150 Free Play
5th. 75 Free Play


1. International users must enter a Pinnacle Sports account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Betpoint prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
3. SBR is not responsible for system outages that are beyond our control, plays will not be entered retroactively.
4. BAD LINES: If there is a clear and obvious line error on a game, alert us on Live Chat for a point reward. Do not enter picks on obvious errors as they will only be voided anyway with offenders being subject to possible banning.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Wed, July, 18, 2018
End Date:Thu, August, 16, 2018
Max Plays:90
Min Plays:60
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Action Points
Prize Pool:1,500 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 1925-1776-90
Percent: 52.01 %
Units: -98.90
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 ArunSh 55-29-1 65.48 % W 1 45.5 +2.19 750 pts
2 Reck 40-47-3 45.98 % L 4 41.0 -17.95 -
3 AUSTINRUSSELL 52-19-2 73.24 % W 8 39.5 +23.92 300 pts
4 Krashman 52-33-1 61.18 % W 3 39.5 -6.48 -
5 yisman 59-31-0 65.56 % L 1 38.0 -0.21 -
6 drewins 42-33-1 56.00 % W 2 34.5 +4.64 -
7 hockey7251 46-41-3 52.87 % W 1 33.5 +1.83 -
8 hawkeye 16 51-36-3 58.62 % L 1 24.5 +11.80 -
9 LT Profits 47-35-1 57.32 % L 4 22.5 -11.41 -
10 Mike Huntertz 46-43-1 51.69 % W 1 11.0 -1.10 -
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LT Profits (6 months ago)
Disregard the points displayed on Leaderboard, this will get paid out properly.
ArunSh (6 months ago)
Good to know, was wondering. Even if it would have worked in my favor, I didn't see anything in rules that you have to have + units to win prizes, would have seemed rather unfair to me to enforce that (even if it would have been better for me!).
yisman (6 months ago)
If units had anything to do with it, AUSTIN would be the winner. Pretty impressive total there. He might have gotten second had he finished his picks.
ArunSh (6 months ago)
Well most contests do have the rule that you must have + units to be prize eligible, no? (like Beat the Prick weekly). That being said, in most of those contests units are the deciding factor so it's a moot point since you obviously won't win anything without positive units anyway. But yeah whether that should be a rule in this type of contest or not, it definitely doesn't say it in the rules so would be unfair to enforce it imo.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
Units do not matter in Action Points contests except as a tiebreaker, so negative units do not matter. Problem is system automatically ignores negative units when posting winnings, it is just an annoyance.
yisman (6 months ago)
"Well most contests do have the rule that you must have + units to be prize eligible, no? " No. BTP is a unique rule. Standard contests pay out the top places. If everyone finishes in the negative, by your logic no one would get paid.
yisman (6 months ago)
plus BTP doesn't actually have that rule. That's just a gimmick for the weekly prize. Theoretically, if every single contestant in BTP who made the minimum picks finished in the negative, the top finishers would still win.
Derekbolden (6 months ago)
I was going to win too
Krashman (6 months ago)
I was hoping I was safe, LT closes the gap with one bet! lol
Krashman (6 months ago)
NYM 24-4!
Krashman (6 months ago)
And Colorado wins and I move into 4th, safe from LT bumping me out of the money.
yisman (6 months ago)
Derekbolden (6 months ago)
Yisman only if i had time but im showing you guys some new tricks
yisman (6 months ago)
4 days left, want to use up my last 16 picks
yisman (6 months ago)
AUSTIN has a nice lead in units now. 2dabank falling behind!
Derekbolden (6 months ago)
Accept my challenge bro
yisman (6 months ago)
I did
Derekbolden (6 months ago)
I might just show u guys some new tricks
yisman (6 months ago)
Derekbolden (6 months ago)
U see me
yisman (6 months ago)
I don't see you.
Xstream (7 months ago)
Hey Yis, great job here!
yisman (6 months ago)
2daBank (7 months ago)
Jeez, I went 2-1 yesterday and lost bunch of ground w punk ass dodgers getting creamed! lol
2daBank (7 months ago)
Consolation prize maybe? Lol
yisman (7 months ago)
Will refund your buyin if you pull it off
yisman (7 months ago)
Oh and if you're ever in north jersey I have some sbr gear for you
2daBank (7 months ago)
Well now I’m number one in units won and have no freakin shot to touch top 5. This action point deal just ain’t for me, the way I bet rl’s simply not conducive to collect a lot of big wins. Lol
yisman (7 months ago)
cooled off in a hurry. 2-7 in my last 9. Before that I was hitting over 80%. I guess not so sustainable, huh?
yisman (7 months ago)
it was 85.2% through the results of 7/26.
2daBank (7 months ago)
You still in 1st tho!!
yisman (7 months ago)
2daBank (7 months ago)
Damn I’d be right at top of leaderboard in normal units. Lol.
john hardesty (7 months ago)
Man, we have the best players in these contest, you better bring ya A Game, or stay home at eat some peanuts...tough outfit, but momma never said it would be easy! Good Luck gentlemen!
2daBank (7 months ago)
No doubt, I’d be top 5 in units won. Now that I understand we need action points to win I’ve changed my strategy a great deal!! Hopefully still have enough time to make a push!! lol
LT Profits (7 months ago)
Yes, whole point was to run something unique as auxillary contest to ensure 2 MLB contests going on until football.
2daBank (7 months ago)
Yea it cool and all but kinda blows it just happens to be when my picks doing really well and I’m right around top in units won but have no freaking chance w action points!! Lol
LT Profits (7 months ago)
So at least you are winning big in real life! :D
2daBank (7 months ago)
This is certainly different, I like it. Just wish I would have realized scoring format sooner as my typical strategy to win on rls is identifying low scoring affairs where I win many by the half run! Not gonna cut it to win w action points!! Lol
Mike Huntertz (7 months ago)
Action points? How many can you get if your side wins 10-0?
LT Profits (7 months ago)
Action points is how much you beat (or lost to) spread by. So if you bet -1.5, 10-0 is +8.5 action points, if you bet +1.5, 10-0 is +11.5 action points.