15K College Bowl Handicapping Showdown

Contest Rules

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Minimum of 16, maximum of 20 College Football Bowl Plays, includes Spreads and Totals only. Regular plays 1 unit, 4 optional Best Bets are 3 units.

1st.7500 Free Play + SBR T-Shirt
2nd. 3000 Free Play + SBR T-Shirt
3rd. 2250 Free Play + SBR T-Shirt
4th. 1500 Free Play + SBR T-Shirt
5th. 750 Free Play + SBR T-Shirt


1. International users must enter a Bet365 account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Betpoint prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
3. T-Shirts can only be shipped to continental USA.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Fri, December, 15, 2017
End Date:Mon, January, 8, 2018
Max Plays:20
Min Plays:16
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
BestBets Required:4
BestBet Multiplier Value:3
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:6
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:15,000 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 2091-2187-64
Percent: 48.88 %
Units: -465.95
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 frankzig 15-4-1 78.95 % W 1 150.5 +18.42 7500 pts
2 dukedog 14-6-0 70.00 % W 7 59.0 +15.36 3000 pts
3 dave7166 12-6-1 66.67 % W 5 36.5 +13.45 2250 pts
4 BrewMan 13-7-0 65.00 % L 1 112.5 +13.44 1500 pts
5 runner5k 14-6-0 70.00 % W 1 130.5 +11.51 750 pts
6 Chaz22 14-6-0 70.00 % L 1 199.5 +11.46 -
7 wally4372 12-6-1 66.67 % W 6 51.5 +11.28 -
8 walkruke 11-7-1 61.11 % L 2 55.5 +11.19 -
9 Optional 12-8-0 60.00 % L 1 20.0 +10.76 -
10 BeatTheJerk 13-6-1 68.42 % W 3 105.5 +10.49 -
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thomorino (10 months ago)
Lol, I check the forum and Philly guy and Shocka are still talking trash. The little twats don't have as many units won as I have combined. And keep talking about my twitter feed, I am not a tout and don't care about how many followers I have.
snapperman2 (10 months ago)
Everybody hates Philly guy. He's just a nasty troll with a sad life.
Sam Losco (10 months ago)
when is your ban over
Alright Alright (10 months ago)
retard - You want an SBR T-Shirt extremely bad don't you? I don't see you in the Top 10 and they only pay the Top 5 spots. Shut up please!
convick (10 months ago)
Make him. Wrong is wrong.
retard (10 months ago)
This contest has been up way longer than beat the prick. I had the early legit line of Michigan state and did not bet on a bad line. Why are those who bet on the legit lines of Michigan state being punished? I understand beat the prick had bad lines but Ime and others got the legit line of Michigan state pickem and Michigan state as the favorite. I put my legit pick in so early that I got the bad beast on Michigan state under45 that later on changed to the total of under/over 48
SOSANA (10 months ago)
1+ line was legit
mikejamm (10 months ago)
Fuk'in bullshit! Thanks for fuk'in us all over on that Mich/Wash ST game. The line was fuk'in right and I picked this game way ahead of time. The score being reversed was the only problem! Lost a god damn 3 unit best bet on that BS!
retard (10 months ago)
Is sbr taking into the consideration the people who picked the correct lines early? If I picked a correct line on a sports book and the lines flipped later on and taken advantage by other people I would still be getting paid. I don’t think sbr is taking into consideration people like me who got the early lines.
AbangLao (10 months ago)
I'm still waiting for my win on the Michigan State game. Wonder how long it will take them to fix it. Thought it would be a simple fix.
retard (10 months ago)
People who got the early legit lines shouldn’t be voided.
mikejamm (10 months ago)
Exacly, players who were already locked in, end up getting fuk'ed over because to this stupid shit!
thomorino (10 months ago)
I don't think the Michigan-Washington State line was off from where the line was, the line moved significantly during the week.
Sam Losco (10 months ago)
str (10 months ago)
I bet Mich St. + 2 1/2 -113 very early when the contest opened. 2-3 days later my bet was showing - 2 1/2 -113 The line had not moved yet.
BufordtheBeaver (10 months ago)
Can we please get an explanation on the win/loss grading in the Wash St/Michael St game.
retard (10 months ago)
My Michigan state bet was graded a loss when I got the early legit line and not the incorrect line.
sweethook (10 months ago)
same here ....
thomorino (10 months ago)
My bet on Michigan State got graded as a loss.
AbangLao (10 months ago)
Hopefully they will fix it by tomorrow. I took Michigan State as a best bet as well.
IGotKidsToFeed (10 months ago)
Same, i'm sure it will be fixed :D
SOSANA (10 months ago)
phinfan27615 (10 months ago)
same here, looks like it was voided and we were given the pick back
SOSANA (10 months ago)
I hope not, the pick was made with correct lines as per CRISP, and several other sports books as per sportsinsights.c o m
BeatTheJerk (10 months ago)
We are competing for Betpoint Freeplays not actual money Freeplays ?
kidcudi92 (10 months ago)
BeatTheJerk (10 months ago)
Yay we’re playing for a chance to win a top prize of 200 dollars more or less & then we have to risk it how lovely !
BeatTheJerk (10 months ago)
Technically 100 with 1 X RO lol doormat contest lol.
oChRoNiCo (10 months ago)
well no one is forcing you to join the contest. I and most other people actually appreciate all the contest and everything else SBR does for us.
convick (10 months ago)
It's almost free, what ya expect? The good contest required 2500 pt entry
BeatTheJerk (10 months ago)
You’re right !!!! Let me stop complaining ..... Thank you SBR I just misinterpreted the contest purse.
ArunSh (10 months ago)
Lucky hit for me on the Louisiana Tech vs SMU under for one of my best bets - thought U70 was pretty much doomed after a 52 point first half (though it being a total blowout still left some minor hope). Hopefully that miraculously managing to win means that I'm headed for some good karma in this contest!