2.5K MLB May Handicapping Contest

Contest Rules

Minimum of 60, maximum of 90 MLB plays. Contest includes Money Lines, Totals and Run Lines. All plays rated 1 to 3, rating is BASE amount.

1st.1250 Free Play
2nd. 500 Free Play
3rd. 375 Free Play
4th. 250 Free Play
5th. 125 Free Play


1. International users must enter a Pinnacle Sports account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Betpoint prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
3. SBR is not responsible for system outages that are beyond our control, plays will not be entered retroactively.
4. BAD LINES: If there is a clear and obvious line error on a game, alert us on Live Chat for a point reward. Do not enter picks on obvious errors as they will only be voided anyway with offenders being subject to possible banning.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Tue, May, 1, 2018
End Date:Thu, May, 31, 2018
Max Plays:90
Min Plays:60
Bet Range:3
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:2,500 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 3749-3902-214
Percent: 49.00 %
Units: -1,024.44
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 frankthetank 37-20-1 64.91 % L 1 9.0 +52.08 -
2 funnyman 49-40-1 55.06 % W 2 28.0 +47.79 -
3 johnnygooble 36-25-4 59.02 % L 2 23.0 +40.62 -
4 THE HITMAN 39-27-1 59.09 % W 3 27.5 +39.81 -
5 BIGDAY 49-38-3 56.32 % W 4 -2.0 +39.42 -
6 Mike Huntertz 38-35-5 52.05 % W 1 -40.0 +35.41 -
7 bigt71906 41-47-2 46.59 % L 1 0.0 +33.57 -
8 ClippersSux 42-34-11 55.26 % L 1 9.0 +32.76 2 pending
9 grey area 41-27-2 60.29 % L 2 29.0 +32.59 -
10 Iona 34-26-4 56.67 % W 2 -5.0 +32.07 -
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johnnygooble (2 hours ago)
Oh my he is antistros wagon. He is feeling sorry for us peons.
johnnygooble (6 hours ago)
Tank dont fear the leader in the clubhouse. Is he riding the stros wagon again?? Maybe he fears the hitman
tjh (1 day ago)
same here hero one month bum the next.hey whers my frekin t shirt
johnnygooble (1 day ago)
In Arrieta the tank trusts, thats why he is in first
grey area (1 day ago)
Your still ahead of the Bag so could be worse
grey area (1 day ago)
Sorry John on hot garbage tonight asking for a beating so did not want to take you down with me when due for a bad night
john hardesty (1 day ago)
As of now, I'm just praying to break top 100!
john hardesty (1 day ago)
I truly thought I had some friends here, I'm better off with Livingstone(I assume) fighting the aboriginals or hostile natives probably!
john hardesty (1 day ago)
Lately, I'm picking like my nose, pulling nothing but nose boogers!
john hardesty (1 day ago)
Good Gawd man, someone help me, I'm drowning over it here! Throw me clue, a letter, or a noun...I'm sinking fast, no returning from Davey's Locker! Help me Rhonda!
grey area (2 days ago)
Go Gooble Go
john hardesty (3 days ago)
Shat, bad day at black rock yesterday, but we must trudge on!
funnyman (4 days ago)
what about ekrazee 3 pending picks? All lost but not subtracted.
LT Profits (3 days ago)
Fixed. Thanks.
johnnygooble (3 days ago)
yes crazee is on tilt. we needed him to pressure the leader good luck tonight crazee. leader in the clubhouse might be able to keep the tank honest. maybe a strong 61 on sunday from the pack may get someone new in the top 5
johnnygooble (4 days ago)
Until Krazee gets to 90 pics tank better not sit back lol
john hardesty (4 days ago)
Well, Johnnygooble, if nobody's going to congratulate you winning 10 in a row, I'll be the bigger man, plaudits sir! Well done, in a sport where very few "services could do better!" - john hardesty
johnnygooble (4 days ago)
Thanks for the props. You will find that bigday and a lot of other top 10 players here have done it in the past. Of course I had a lot of -160's also. lol
john hardesty (4 days ago)
Dang, anybody who wins 10 in a row(johnnygooble) deserves something! Reward that!
john hardesty (6 days ago)
Whether they lay me in a cold grave, or a red rose garden, or sprinkle my ashes over some high mountaintop, please, y'all tell'em I had a blast playing this MLB Handicapping Contest! - Johnny
john hardesty (1 week ago)
How can contestants who haven't placed one bet, even be ranked, period? Dumbfounded!
johnnygooble (1 week ago)
Sometimes its better to not try and not fail than to have tried at all,...
LT Profits (6 days ago)
It does not matter, they will be DQed if they do not make 60 plays.
john hardesty (6 days ago)
I see you've studied the Great Ruff(Shakespeare) from Avon!
john hardesty (1 week ago)
I have 5 bets pending, only showing 4, why?
Goatman (1 week ago)
Please post the second game of the TB/Baltimore double header.
Goatman (1 week ago)
It starts in an hour. Hello?
Goatman (1 week ago)
Oh, never mind. It's there now, but only the ml is playable. :-(
oChRoNiCo (2 weeks ago)
I don't think I can catch you frankthetank, but I'm going to try to make it back 2 back 1st place finishes!
Fenway4561 (2 weeks ago)
What was your prize? I just entered this contest for fun, dont understand what the free play is?
fried cheese (1 week ago)
if you go into the sbr sportbook you can bet the freeplay to win sbr points.
Fenway4561 (1 week ago)
Roger that. Thanks for the heads up