2.5K MLB September Handicapping Contest

Contest Rules

Minimum 60, maximum 90 MLB plays. Includes Money Lines, Totals & Run Lines. Rate plays 1-3, rating is base amount. If there is pitching change, plays have Action at original odds.

1st.1250 Free Play
2nd. 500 Free Play
3rd. 375 Free Play
4th. 250 Free Play
5th. 125 Free Play


1. International users must enter a Pinnacle Sports account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Betpoint prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
3. SBR is not responsible for system outages that are beyond our control, plays will not be entered retroactively.
4. BAD LINES: If there is a clear and obvious line error on a game, alert us on Live Chat for a point reward. Do not enter picks on obvious errors as they will only be voided anyway with offenders being subject to possible banning.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Sat, September, 1, 2018
End Date:Sun, September, 30, 2018
Max Plays:90
Min Plays:60
Bet Range:3
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:2,500 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 3256-3105-148
Percent: 51.19 %
Units: -278.02
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 hockey7251 59-27-4 68.60 % W 4 14.5 +83.14 1250 pts
2 deezysbaitshop 50-28-1 64.10 % W 2 8.0 +82.95 500 pts
3 Skidcom 54-32-3 62.79 % L 1 42.5 +75.75 375 pts
4 leovegas 54-33-3 62.07 % W 6 31.0 +75.31 250 pts
5 Miklos 53-16-0 76.81 % W 6 73.0 +72.45 125 pts
6 grey area 52-32-3 61.90 % L 2 -11.5 +63.57 -
7 Derekbolden 61-27-2 69.32 % W 4 31.5 +61.92 -
8 hehaha 47-21-3 69.12 % W 9 4.0 +61.47 -
9 Krashman 62-24-4 72.09 % W 8 33.0 +59.28 -
10 tjh 61-27-1 69.32 % W 4 16.5 +59.19 -
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pabonaparte (10 months ago)
well played hockey7251
grey area (10 months ago)
oh now we can see u great work
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Thank you but your not even on radar bro come on now
grey area (10 months ago)
been busy or drunk this week to try and gain ground but can't see you Derek on first page buddy
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Right back atcha either your stupid or u just doing it for fun
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
61-27-2 lets go
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Ill be in the top 5 for sure
grey area (10 months ago)
maybe not but still a nice record, so many juice plays tho ...I do like that middle u had on 2 in a row of them
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Thank you,Im glad u learned something lets play smart bro not for fun its ur money accept my challenge bro me and or we can let public see u get smashed...
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
56-25-2 Lets Go
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
From the las vegas
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Lets just say no ??
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
27 billyloco
billyloco (10 months ago)
How old are you Derek?
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
55-22-1 let's go
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Out with it then
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
All mine's
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
All me
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Or tomorrow hahaha i make myself laugh
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Lets go
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Ill be #1 by the night thanks good job guys ?? but leave this up to pros like myself.
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
If he accepts
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
If he accepts
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Krashman,Cookie Monster,LT Profits,Grey area,jhon p roy, tjh, drewins, JR, leovegas,THIS IS A CALLOUT YOU GUYS AGAINST ME I JUST HAND ? THINK IM THE BEST HOCKEY7251 IM challenging u guys can join password is.Blessed
Krashman (10 months ago)
I get error message when I try to check my bets, also have a bet pending with 01/01/01 date.
Krashman (10 months ago)
All fixed now, thanks SBR
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Beat me
Cookie Monster (10 months ago)
There is a game on my pending plays "Miami Marlins +196" scheduled on 01/01/01 12:00 AM ET. Not sure when I picked it, but likely was this week vs Mets. Not sure if it should be graded, pushed or deleted.
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Make ur best pick bro come on
LT Profits (10 months ago)
Wrong teams are listed in 3:45 ET MLB game Wednesday, all plays on Marlins/Mets at that time will be deleted. Correct Marlins/Mets matchups for doubleheader are at 4:10 ET and 7:10 ET.
Derekbolden (10 months ago)
Welll how do u feel ha ha