AUGUST MLB Dog of the Day Contest

Group Record

WLT: 368-629-13
Percent: 36.91 %
Units: -77.99
Completed Plays

Contest Rules

Post 1 MLB Dog per day, must be at least +105. Must play minimum of 20 days to qualify for prizes. Plays made at less than +105 will be deleted, and all games must be PLAYED TO COMPLETION to count. PPD and shortened games DO count toward 20-play minimum as Push.

Top 3 finishers based on Units win choice of StubHub, Amazon or Fanatics Gift Cards for following amounts:

1st - $150
2nd - $75
3rd - $25

First Tiebreaker: Winning Percentage
Second Tiebreaker: Earliest SBR Join Date
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Mon, August, 1, 2022
End Date:Wed, August, 31, 2022
Round Duration:Every Day
Max Round Plays:1
Max Plays:31
Min Plays:20
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:$250.00
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals
August 2022
DayWLTPctNet WinningRecord
08/13/202213-55-019.12 %-33.63Details
08/12/202220-44-031.25 %-14.43Details
08/11/202223-47-032.86 %-14.89Details
08/10/202220-44-631.25 %-9.03Details
08/09/202229-57-033.72 %-18.05Details
08/08/202239-32-054.93 %18.19Details
08/07/202228-60-031.82 %-17.58Details
08/06/202238-44-046.34 %14.88Details
08/05/202231-54-036.47 %-11.63Details
08/04/202225-50-433.33 %-12.36Details
08/03/202239-40-349.37 %23.77Details
08/02/202238-47-044.71 %15.19Details
08/01/202225-55-031.25 %-18.42Details
Totals:368-629-1336.91 %-77.99