Beat the Bag in NFL: $25,000 + 10K Pts/Week

Contest Rules

How to play Beat The Bag

Contest sponsored by BetOnline (SBR rating A+).

  • The object of the game is to compete against "The Bag" weekly.
  • You must make 5 NFL picks each week to be eligible for that week's free play prize, and you must make at least 70 total plays (equivalent to 14 weeks) to be eligible for the $25,000 in year-end Bitcoin prizes.
  • You must make one 3-unit best bet each week. All other plays will be based on one unit.
  • You must beat The Bag and finish the week with + units to share the weekly prize, totalling 10,000 in Free Plays at SBR Book. If The Bag scores +3.00 in a given week and you score +3.01 you will have beaten The Bag. Players must have a positive score to earn prizes.
Overall Prizes: $25,000 to Top 25!
1st. $7,500  8th. $750  15th. $480  22nd. $430
2nd. $3,000  9th. $700  16th. $465  23rd. $425
3rd. $1,500  10th $655  17th. $455  24th. $420
4th. $1,100  11th. $610  18th. $450  25th. $415
5th. $1,000  12th. $570  19th. $445
6th. $900    13th. $530  20th. $440
7th. $825    14th. $500  21st. $435

How Will Prizes be Paid?
All cash prizes will be paid in bitcoin. On the morning of Tuesday, January 2, 2018, SBR will send payments to all winners. The exchange rate used will be the price SBR paid to acquire the bitcoins that same morning.

In order to minimize the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, please ensure you have already setup your bitcoin wallet prior to the contest ending. SBR will send reminders prior to the contest ending seeking the bitcoin payment addresses from all prospective winners. Visit the bitcoin forum to learn more about bitcoin.

Weekly Prizes (17 weeks)
  • 10,000 SBR sportsbook freeplay points awarded each week to those who beat The Bag.
1.  At the end of week 10, all non SBR PRO users will be removed from the contest.
2. Weekly Betpoint prizes are in the form of SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
3. Multiple entries per household are prohibited. SBR reserves the right to disqualify users who attempt to gain more than one entry in the contest or who otherwise attempt to cheat and violate the basic good faith of the contest.
4. SBR employees who work out of SBR headquarters as well as members of their family are ineligible to claim any real-money prizes.
5. All bitcoin prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the contest ending.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Tue, September, 5, 2017
End Date:Sun, December, 31, 2017
Round Duration:Every Week
Max Round Plays:5
Min Round Plays:5
Max Plays:85
Min Plays:70
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
BestBets Required:1
BestBet Multiplier Value:3
Show Pending:No
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:$25,000.00
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 0-0-0
Percent: 0.00 %
Units: 0.00
Completed Plays

This contest opens on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

DGG23 (2 days ago)
LT, why 3 units best bet?
Iswhatitis (4 days ago)
Go win this ez pick contest
OhioStateDY (5 days ago)
Does this contest cost anything
Charles Darwin (5 days ago)
Your dignity.
LT Profits (5 days ago)
Nope, FREE!
DGG23 (2 days ago)
ha ha
Rolexsports (6 days ago)
Just joined today . Looking forward to this upcoming contest. Trying to kill it this season!
SBR Breadman (6 days ago)
Best of Luck ... NO, F&%# You guys! May your picks suck!
ttwarrior1 (1 week ago)
Michael Wisner (1 week ago)
Lots of Luck
Maddcapper (1 week ago)
Good luck to all...and may 2nd place be all
vinndy (1 week ago)
Thanks SBR, gonna be a fun contest.
SharperFocus1 (1 week ago)
Thank You For This Contest
Jimromesadouche (2 weeks ago)
The hells an SBR PRO
The Prick (2 weeks ago)
This gotta be some trademark violation type shite. See u in court
TeslaRonin (2 weeks ago)
I'm in Jimmy lets get it!
AceFarmer1 (2 weeks ago)
Get em
CALDER59 (2 weeks ago)
D Med (3 weeks ago)
I am not the best at NFL, but who can say no to a free contest? Thanks, SBR.
The Hulk (3 weeks ago)
This is my first time in here...Is there a group who's making MLB picks now??
Arky (3 weeks ago)
MdReach (3 weeks ago)
We are starting a new MLB betpoints contest for August
Cross (3 weeks ago)
Did the Prick retire?
LT Profits (3 weeks ago)
No, this is a totally separate contest with some different rules (NFL Only, common plays allowed, etc.). Bet the Prick will be announced soon.
ex50warrior (3 weeks ago)
Looks like fun--thanks SBR!
Jimromesadouche (3 weeks ago)
Jimmy doesn't even bag it up when he bangs tranny's!!
The_BoBaH (3 weeks ago)
The_Bag, beware, The_BoBaH gonna deliver!!!! )))
Mr.Predictor (1 month ago)
hello and GL all from ontario!
ES11 (1 month ago)