Contest Rules

Make 5 picks each week in NFL and/or NCAAF with plays graded as 1-unit base. Everyone that finishes ahead of The Bullseye AND finishes with + units each week divides 50,000 in Free Plays good for use in the SBR Sportsbook. EXCEPTION: If The Bullseye go 5-0, nobody wins that week even if they finish with more units.

If you make less than 5 picks in a week, you are disqualified from that week’s prizes but your picks DO count toward your overall record.

At the end of the season, the top 15 SBR PROS ONLY will divide $20,000 in cash, payable via Pay Pal! You must make at least 75 picks (equivalent of 15 weeks) and be an SBR Pro by the end of Week 15 to be eligible for year-end cash.

End of Year Prizes:
1st       $6,000      6th       $1,000     11th     $500
2nd      $3,500      7th       $900         12th     $400
3rd       $2,250      8th       $800         13th     $300
4th       $1,500      9th       $700          14th     $200
5th       $1,250      10th     $600          15th     $100

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Tue, September, 6, 2022
End Date:Mon, January, 9, 2023
Round Duration:Every Week
Max Round Plays:5
Min Round Plays:5
Max Plays:90
Min Plays:75
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:$20,000.00
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 22013-22094-969
Percent: 49.91 %
Units: -2,366.48
Completed Plays

Week 17 Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 gunslinger572 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 65.0 +5.04 -
2 harthebar 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 99.0 +5.00 -
3 dogkatcher 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 93.5 +5.00 -
4 Divra 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 50.0 +5.00 -
5 nistohm 4-0-1 100.00 % W 4 63.0 +4.00 -
6 Tanko 4-0-1 100.00 % W 4 58.0 +4.00 -
7 Zlaniner 4-0-1 100.00 % W 4 33.0 +4.00 -
8 Optional 3-0-2 100.00 % W 3 22.5 +3.00 -
9 sportgeek 4-1-0 80.00 % W 2 45.5 +3.00 -
10 blackbart 4-1-0 80.00 % W 4 0.0 +3.00 -
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Overall Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 kcburg 50-21-4 70.42 % W 1 324.5 +26.76 $6,000.00
2 funnyb25 56-30-1 65.12 % W 3 297.0 +22.68 $3,500.00
3 Iona 52-27-1 65.82 % W 1 338.0 +22.50 $2,250.00
4 Napishi Na 57-32-1 64.04 % L 1 158.0 +21.68 $1,500.00
5 tarosill 56-33-1 62.92 % W 1 96.0 +19.02 $1,250.00
6 kingdom 50-28-1 64.10 % L 4 309.0 +18.87 $1,000.00
7 mw00 53-32-2 62.35 % W 1 383.0 +17.70 $900.00
8 IGotKidsToFeed 50-31-2 61.73 % W 5 71.5 +15.68 $800.00
9 Crusherrr 53-34-3 60.92 % W 1 80.0 +15.61 $700.00
10 tinhphai 53-34-2 60.92 % W 3 198.5 +15.53 $600.00
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MangasColoradas (1 week ago)
About how long before payments are sent out? Thanks!
pabonaparte (2 weeks ago)
so how about a $100 prize for dead last? who do I send my PayPal info to? :)
maxell (3 weeks ago)
Thank you LT! Tough way to justify the quirks!
cincinnatikid513 (3 weeks ago)
good riddance
Mike Huntertz (3 weeks ago)
People who bitch about free should burn their welfare cheques in protest! Great job considering the circumstances. Thanxs LT Props to the winners.
USCPHILLYGUY (3 weeks ago)
Says the guy who finished 711th?? Shove it up your ass Mike. Could give 2 shits about it being a free contest. It’s about being fair Your participation trophy is in the mail you knob
Napishi Na (3 weeks ago)
57 wins. Let's go!
jimbob365 (3 weeks ago)
Nice!! Congrats mate
chen (3 weeks ago)
Why was this ended early some could have moved up I had a real chance to go 5-1 not to win the contest but the points which as now can't buy nothing
chen (3 weeks ago)
Couldn't play rams and giants which won sucks
funnyb25 (3 weeks ago)
teacher10 (3 weeks ago)
Thanks LT! This year wasn't easy but you did your best. I appreciate you running this free contest!!
darrell74 (3 weeks ago)
bigtymer56 (3 weeks ago)
Thanks LT. Couldn't have easy this year.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
***REMINDER*** ALL Sunday plays are due by 1:00 PM ET
LT Profits (1 month ago)
And contest effectively ends Sunday since TCU game is not up. It will NOT be added Monday as that would not be fair, not that I'd expect it could be added anyway or else would be up already. RIP ancient platform.
kingdom (3 weeks ago)
any other oddities this week to avoid? its already a tough week to cap anyways.
USCPHILLYGUY (3 weeks ago)
Ancient platform my ass. Will be the same shit for years to come
LT Profits (3 weeks ago)
Well WILL be new new platform and it will have more options including props. Let's wait for roll-out before passing judgement, but my feeling is cannot be worse than THIS.
USCPHILLYGUY (3 weeks ago)
They bought this site in Oct 2021! Why wasn’t it fixed for this year?
kingdom (3 weeks ago)
so the dallas and denver games are off the board today??
kingdom (3 weeks ago)
here's hoping my pending picks are really pending this week.
LT Profits (3 weeks ago)
Yes kingdom all good with no dupe listings this week
LT Profits (3 weeks ago)
Philly I can only assume it took a while to develop and I still have not heard clear date for roll-out. What I DO know is this platform here will be discontinued midweek shortly after final Bullseye standings are posted. Now whether or not that means new platform is close I couldn't tell you.
USCPHILLYGUY (3 weeks ago)
LT listen. I know you try with regard to the hand your given but this contest was an absolute cluster fuck from the beginning. From probably half the CFB lines available to the NFL games the last month it was bad. Probably won’t see you around much anymore so good luck moving forward
dkp (1 month ago)
I have last weeks chicago Detroit game counting as one of my plays this week?? That means I’m limited to only 4 picks. I wouldn’t care but I’m moderately in the running for some money. Is there anything you can do to give me back my last pick for this week? Thanks
LT Profits (1 month ago)
No you don't, notice that pick is deleted (red x) and you should have 1 pick left.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Actually you had Saturday game and you have 4 Pending, so you are good.
dkp (1 month ago)
Ok. Thanks for looking into that.
MBENZ (1 month ago)
If we make a play on the KC game today will it count since they have it as a sunday game?
eddycash (1 month ago)
Not sure but im gonna pick all my plays today
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Yes scroll down to my long comment below
bigtymer56 (1 month ago)
See my Raiders +9.5 graded as win. What a mess. Lol
LT Profits (1 month ago)
No its fine bigtymer, entered 0-0 score at 4:30 to get game off of board then right score after game
str (1 month ago)
Hey LT. I just wanted to post a sincere Thank You for all the work you have done to hold this contest together. Your tireless effort does not go unnoticed. We all do really appreciate it. Thanks again!
ex50warrior (1 month ago)
Mike Huntertz (1 month ago)
Ya can't make ckicken soup outta chicken sh!t...even if your new bosses think you can. Appreciate all you do LT.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Thanks guys, though I am not sure everyone here shares those sentiments :)
jackpot269 (1 month ago)
I agree thanks LT
mr. leisure (3 weeks ago)
Thanks for all your hard work in a difficult situation LT !
pabonaparte (1 month ago)
ndstate/sdstate on sunday? any chance?
LT Profits (1 month ago)
I would say 0.000000001% chance considering we are aving trouble with FBS Championship.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
It would not he the last week of this contest without more major issues right? Here are 4 of them: 1) Techs are still trying to get TCU/Georgia to load, no promises though. 2) We are also missing 2 NFL games, Chargers/Denver and Dallas/Washington. 3) Times changes are not working, so as of now, ALL plays for Sunday games close at 1:00 ET. If the two missing games get added, I presume they would be in correct 4:25 slots. 4) The two Saturday games will be taken off the board shortly after kick-off, KC/Vegas at 4:30 ET, Tenn/Jax at 8:15. If we are a bit late removing, plays made after those scheduled times will be deleted.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Thankfully RIP to this platform after about 17 years next week after this contest ends.
Capybara (1 month ago)
Thanks for all your efforts, LT, much appreciated!
kingdom (1 month ago)
i had the detroit lions on sunday and it doesn't appear now?
LT Profits (1 month ago)
That means you had the disabled dupe listing, it was mentioned several times in the comments.
kingdom (3 weeks ago)
i didn't know it was necessary to check comments thru the week. i just make my plays on sunday. i obviously had the lions. bad time to just withdraw a pick. it should be a thread in pt to make everyone aware.
kingdom (3 weeks ago)
who knew reading all comments is a part of a football pick contest? what would be fair is to give people the unit for what they picked since it isn't our error. and comments shouldn't be marked comments. should be marked issues and should be a contest thread in pt addressing said issues at the top with other contests threads.
cincinnatikid513 (1 month ago)
tcu georgia ?
makaveli66 (1 month ago)
What was bullseye score week 17?
LT Profits (1 month ago)
2-3, everyone with +units wins
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Week 18 opens at Midnight ET tonight
cincinnatikid513 (1 month ago)
so bengals bills picks will be marked as pushes
cincinnatikid513 (1 month ago)
it still says i have 1 pending pick and it shows two games listed i didnt' even pick strange Las Vegas L.A. Rams 0 0 Las Vegas -5.5 (-110) [General] 1.10 1.00 Monday, December 12, 2022 Play Risk To Win NEW ENGLAND ARIZONA 0 0 NEW ENGLAND -2 (-105) [General] 1.05 1.00
LT Profits (1 month ago)
For now we are keeping Week 17 open until we see what NFL does. If Bills/Bengals is played this week, we will extend until that day. If game is cancelled or PPD to after Week 18, we will Push.
Napishi Na (1 month ago)
What a unique season.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
This trumps everything else on a human level
Kami40 (1 month ago)
pavyracer (1 month ago)
Better make a decision now as the NFL will not play the Bills/Bengals game before Sunday.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Yes Week 18 opens tomorrow. so really Midnight tonight
pabonaparte (1 month ago)
When will picks be available for week 18?
darrell74 (1 month ago)
Fwiw: had Detroit -5, Chicago/Detroit over 52.5. If it doesnt coe up, I'll enter 2 more picks.
darrell74 (1 month ago)
Baltimore/Pittsburgh under 35, Buffalo/Cincinnati over 49.5 if the 2 previous picks don't come up.
Alright Alright (1 month ago)
Los Angeles Rams +6½
LT Profits (1 month ago)
FINAL REMINDER: TOP Lions/Bears game is the live listing, plays on bottom game will be deleted.
smitch124 (1 month ago)
So no Philly/Anaheim under 44? I thought I finally had a lock.
LT Profits (1 month ago)
I see what happened with Notre Dame game and everyone should be good now. I will spare the details :(
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Guys, AGAIN, you HAVE to keep up with the comments with this ancient platform being as unstable as it is. Notre Dame was addressed midweek when I said since all plays were under same ID and line was less than 3, we would keep all plays live. Disabling only happens when a non-updating ID is replaced with a new updating ID, which was not the case with ND.
cincinnatikid513 (1 month ago)
will this be fixed or do notre dame pickers just get a loss for a winning pick
BigOrange (1 month ago)
Why is ND marked a loser?
cincinnatikid513 (1 month ago)
Final South Carolina Notre Dame 38 45 Notre Dame +2 (-104) Loss 1.04 -1.04
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