Beat The Prick 14: $50,000 & 100K pts/week

Contest Rules

How to Join Beat The Prick
Enter your SBR username and click join on the contest enrollment page. If you do not already have an SBR username, create one here).

When does the contest start?
Opens: Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Last day: Monday, December 31, 2018

How to play Beat The Prick
  • The object of the game is to compete against "The Prick", a professional handicapper. The Prick will make 5 picks on NFL or NCAAF sides or totals by 5PM ET Tuesday of each week. The sides/totals he selects will be taken off the board.
  • You must make 5 plays each week to be eligible for that week's free play prize, and must have made 70 total plays (participated for 14 weeks) to be eligible for the $50,000 in cash prizes.
  • You must make one 2-unit best bet each week. All other plays will be based on one unit.
  • You must beat The Prick to win. If The Prick scores +3.00 in a given week and you score +3.10 you will have beaten The Prick. If The Prick goes 5-0 that week, nobody wins. Players must have a positive score to earn prizes.
  • Postponed games count toward your pick record. In the event that a game is postponed due to weather or any other reason & less than 55 minutes have taken place, or if the game did not start at all, the pick will be changed to push. If the game is postponed far enough in advance, the picks will be removed at the discretion of SBR staff and members will be contacted to resubmit pick(s).
    *Exception: The Prick's plays will always result in a push if postponed due to the format of the contest.
Overall Prizes: $50,000 to Top 100
1st. $10,000
2nd. $4,000
3rd. $2,000
4th. $1,500
5th. $1,400 ...... View full list.

How Will Prizes be Paid?

All cash prizes will be paid in bitcoin. On the morning of Wednesday, January 2 SBR will send payments to all winners.

In order to minimize the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, please ensure you have already setup your bitcoin wallet prior to the contest ending. SBR will send reminders prior to the contest ending seeking the bitcoin payment addresses from all prospective winners. Visit the bitcoin forum to learn more about bitcoin.

Weekly Prizes (17 weeks)
  • 100,000 SBR sportsbook freeplay points awarded each week to those who beat The Prick. SBR points can be redeemed in the SBR Store.
1.  At the end of week 10, all non SBR PRO users will be removed from the contest.
2. Multiple entries per household are prohibited. SBR reserves the right to disqualify users who attempt to gain more than one entry in the contest or who otherwise attempt to cheat and violate the basic good faith of the contest.
3. SBR employees who work inside of SBR headquarters as well as members of their family are ineligible to claim any real-money prizes.
4. All bitcoin prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the contest ending.
Contest Format:BeatThePrick
Start Date:Tue, September, 4, 2018
End Date:Mon, December, 31, 2018
Round Duration:Every Week
Max Round Plays:5
Min Round Plays:5
Max Plays:85
Min Plays:70
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
BestBets Required:1
BestBet Multiplier Value:2
Show Pending:No
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:$50,000.00
Round Prize:100,000 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 18282-18816-950
Percent: 49.28 %
Units: -2,883.69
Completed Plays

Week 7 Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 bugsy711 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 62.0 +6.08 575 pts
2 MrAuthentic 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 96.0 +6.07 574 pts
3 darrell74 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 32.0 +6.07 574 pts
4 Grinder10 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 82.0 +6.02 569 pts
5 monkeyboy 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 82.0 +6.01 568 pts
6 ddittie 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 70.0 +6.01 568 pts
7 goofyre 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 55.0 +6.01 568 pts
8 Derekbolden 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 101.5 +6.00 567 pts
9 LSUDog 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 89.5 +6.00 567 pts
10 bankpool 5-0-0 100.00 % W 5 79.5 +6.00 567 pts
  536 The Prick 3-2-0 60.00 % W 1 19.5 -0.35 -
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Overall Leaderboard
Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 edawg 25-10-0 71.43 % W 6 85.0 +21.39 -
2 broker1977 27-8-0 77.14 % L 1 158.0 +21.03 -
3 coneydawg 25-9-1 73.53 % W 4 95.5 +18.17 -
4 tradeout 24-11-0 68.57 % W 1 158.0 +17.28 -
5 zam77 23-11-1 67.65 % W 2 56.0 +17.21 -
6 j2k99 24-11-0 68.57 % W 2 149.5 +16.84 -
7 MrHappy 24-11-0 68.57 % W 2 235.0 +16.65 -
8 Forenman 25-10-0 71.43 % W 1 140.5 +16.33 -
9 str 22-9-0 70.97 % W 1 77.5 +15.97 -
10 monty242 20-5-0 80.00 % L 1 216.0 +15.47 -
  395 The Prick 21-13-1 61.76 % W 1 69.5 +1.28 5 pending
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bugsy711 (1 hour ago)
Prick goes 2-3 only covers are the Packers and the under lol
bugsy711 (1 hour ago)
Pricks falling for the trap game ??
Chili_Powder (9 hours ago)
C’mon Prick 21-13 and + 1 unit? You’re about as clutch on 2 unit plays as LeBrick was on his OT free throws last night, smh
maritsa1819 (5 hours ago)
Rams by 24*****
Fenway4561 (17 hours ago)
Do you couple*
Fenway4561 (17 hours ago)
Is there any way to not have the chat present on here? Where the heck do you a couple of doofuses come from (im sure 99% of the public knows who I am talking about lol
convick (6 hours ago)
Don’t read it if you don’t like it.
The Prick (6 hours ago)
we'll work on a safe space fer ya
konck (18 hours ago)
I got 1 pt lol smc
QUISP!! (18 hours ago)
download action sports. awesome app. U can see the odds. When odds go over 78% by a huge volume. fade it. You will win 90% of the time
convick (18 hours ago)
Man, shut the hell up. Acting like you invented fading the public.
konck (6 hours ago)
lol nice to know your an employee you azz
konck (6 hours ago)
ive been ding that for yrs
convick (6 hours ago)
You call everyone an employee. You’ve been doing it for years, get some new material.
QUISP!! (22 hours ago)
84% of idiots are on the NY/ATLANTA over at 52 1/2 . Just put 10k on under. Looks good
konck (19 hours ago)
Try telling everybody before the outcome is done
QUISP!! (19 hours ago)
I did. 5 minutes in game. There is live betting. Odds were still -119 under 48 1/2 at the time.
QUISP!! (19 hours ago)
I kept pounding on the under til about 46 ..then when the line moved to 37 1/2 . I went over 5k. Also had $500 parlay NYG +4 1/2 and Under 52 1/2 with Dodgers winning World Series. I feel LA will win WS. I have changed my prediction.
vien tran (1 day ago)
Hey broker1977 you are too good .. give me connection with u . So give me some hotline I pay for it. My boookie killing me they take my money every weeks ..
smitch124 (1 day ago)
damn lotta dawgs on the leaderboard.
QUISP!! (1 day ago)
Man..who is this broker1977.
Biff41 (1 day ago)
He seems to be an NFL specialist, just like T.P. was trying to be.
Itsamazing777 (1 day ago)
Time to go back to NCAA games Prick....
QUISP!! (1 day ago)
Yeah. NFL is rigged. Everyone knows this. It is a money making corporation that has ties to Las Vegas. Just look at the missed point for Baltimore and Tampa Bays decision to go for 2. That is evidence. Especially when over 80% of betting public was on the over on both games. 76% was on Baltimore.
swordsandtequila (1 day ago)
Except TB didn't go for 2…
QUISP!! (1 day ago)
TB failed 2 point conversion to win game. If they just went for extra point to tie game.. over was locked and 80% of betting public .over 8882 bets worth over 20million would have won. If Baltimore made the extra point. Game would have gone over ...locked and 7642 or so would have won or 76% of betting public.
swordsandtequila (1 day ago)
Wtf are you rambling on about? TB beat Cleveland on a Chandler Catanzaro 59 yd fg in overtime. The Titans went for 2 and failed against the Chargers in London. Take off your tinfoil hat, it's messing with your mind.
QUISP!! (1 day ago)
Meant Tennessee. Sorry. I don't get to watch all the games from Colombia. I will now enjoy watching my 2 early season baseball picks battle in the World Series. I have $3,600 or so on Boston and $1,750 on Los Angeles. I was heavy on Boston but now will pour money into the LA DODGERS. I picked Houston last year and made loads of cashola. I even pick Osaka Naomi to win US OPEN at 8000% odds. Picked Philadelphia to win last year Super bowl and I picked FRANCE to win World Cup against Belgium (that did not work out). So my TIN FOIL is working quite well. I have documented 5DIMES proof if anyone doubts me. Might have to change the Aluminum.
The_BoBaH (1 day ago)
How about GT in SNF? 55 points and ZERO scores in last 11 minutes... NFL is rigged!
convick (1 day ago)
Books don’t make money based on how many wagers Joe Q Public wins or loses. I’ve told you before, the only thing that matters is how much $ is wagered on each side. They still collect the juice too.
convick (1 day ago)
No guarantee the over hits in the London game. Could have still ended under. Try harder.
QUISP!! (1 day ago)
Great Contest. Everyone can beat the prick.
The_BoBaH (2 days ago)
cincinnatikid513 (2 days ago)
will the prick ever win a best best is this 5 losses in a row now
Lineman (2 days ago)
What happened to my picks?
retard (2 days ago)
Nfl rigged. Ruined the over in the titans game because they went for it instead of tie the game to push the over
convick (1 day ago)
Game likely still ends under, even if it goes to OT
OVAKUL (3 days ago)
second straight thursday sharps lose
convick (3 days ago)
If you say so.
QUISP!! (3 days ago)
Public seems to win on thursday night football games. Friday also.
convick (3 days ago)
If you say so.
unde0087 (3 days ago)
lol, well player convick
unde0087 (3 days ago)
*played I mean
harthebar (4 days ago)
Str nice job for a horse guy. Ha ha doing great
Tanko (6 days ago)
broker1977 Although I don't know you and have no idea what kind of capper you may be (you have zero posts on SBR), but damn. I gotta call you out... you are killing it in this contest. Nice job.
harthebar (4 days ago)
I concur ...not one he a ghost
broker1977 (2 days ago)
Thanks! Good start, long way to go. I am a situational capper, look for weak spots for teams, I follow other cappers plays if I agree with their analysis and hope for some luck sometimes (like Atlanta last week).
Itsamazing777 (1 week ago)
Where is the Detroit Miami game?
SBR Drew (1 week ago)
MIA QB Tannehill is questionable...lines are fully out on game yet.
SBR Drew (1 week ago)
The Prick made the selections lets see who can beat him this week. Hes not happy about the games last week.
The Prick (1 week ago)
hey joe rogan nobody asked fer a play by play
maritsa1819 (4 days ago)
The Prick def. SBR Drew by Submission (rear naked choke)
SharpAngles (1 week ago)
Prick doing his best Oprah impression this week. You get freeplay, you get freeplay, you get freeplay. YOU ALL GET FREEPLAY!
Capybara (1 week ago)
The Prick (1 week ago)
let you fuggers taste the wealth this week is all
QUISP!! (1 week ago)
76% of betting public is on Green Bay Packers. I think the Prick may go 1-4 this time and almost everyone wins.
convick (1 week ago)
Here you go again with your made up numbers.
Biff41 (1 week ago)
Similar stats were posted on Action artcle. If bettors push up the GB point spread, San Francisco may get the late action.
convick (1 week ago)
Everyone that finishes with positive units is already guaranteed to win some points.
QUISP!! (1 week ago)
Yes. That is where I get my numbers. SF just made a TD. I trade the market successfully with this same kinda strategy. Seems to not work on Thursday night football.
QUISP!! (1 week ago)
90% public is on LA Dodgers. I bet 200k. I will make 450k tonight. That is how one makes money.
convick (1 week ago)
Incredible. You must be the first person that’s thought fading the public is profitable.
QUISP!! (1 week ago)
no. I just make millions each and every week playing the stock market. I am QUISP. I was on ABC NBC CNN CNBC . I am the ultimate contrarian. Visit me in Cartegana. I will teach you the ways. You can even look me me.
convick (1 week ago)
Got it. You’re still using some random numbers that you get from who knows where.
SexyMit (6 days ago)
People who really make millions gambling, are not wasting their time on a gambling forum.
Goat Milk (4 days ago)
Millions and you live in a shit box like Cartagena? Was just there earlier this year. Hookers with aids everywhere. Salesman grabbing onto you, won't shut the fukk up. That place sucks balls.
monty242 (1 week ago)
How to become a sbr pro because its denying me acess
SBR Forum (1 week ago)
Hi monty, do you have adblock enabled? If so, please disable when accessing the SBR Pro application:
The_BoBaH (1 week ago)
TP sucked a big this week, so points will be given to almost everyone...
Grivas_Digeni (1 week ago)
Which sucks because I just had my best week of the contest at 4-1. Watch me go 3-1-1 next week and the hillbilly sweeping the board lol
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