CBB 3K Tip-Off Madness 2020

Contest Rules

Make a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 120 CBB Plays. Includes Spreads, Totals and Money Lines. Plays must be rated 1 to 3 and rating is the RISK amount.

1st. 1500 points
2nd. 600 points
3rd. 450 points
4th. 300 points
5th. 150 points 

1. International users must enter a Pinnacle Sports account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Betpoint prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
3. SBR is not responsible for system outages that are beyond our control, plays will not be entered retroactively.
4. BAD LINES: If there is a clear and obvious line error on a game, alert us on Live Chat for a point reward. Do not enter picks on obvious errors as they will only be voided anyway with offenders being subject to possible banning.

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Mon, November, 23, 2020
End Date:Fri, January, 1, 2021
Max Plays:120
Min Plays:75
Bet Range:3
Base Betting:No
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:3,000 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 4434-4873-389
Percent: 47.64 %
Units: -1,722.57
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 Koldazzice 50-22-3 69.44 % W 2 181.5 +65.23 1500 pts
2 chico2663 66-46-8 58.93 % W 2 229.5 +57.61 600 pts
3 jrgum3 69-49-2 58.47 % L 1 302.0 +44.56 450 pts
4 Shane 56-40-2 58.33 % L 2 116.5 +37.54 300 pts
5 yisman 61-46-3 57.01 % W 1 179.0 +34.07 150 pts
6 SportsAce 67-49-4 57.76 % W 1 251.0 +33.89 -
7 53 defense 63-53-4 54.31 % W 1 284.0 +31.98 -
8 pdprodigy 74-40-2 64.91 % W 4 117.0 +31.44 -
9 phillyboiler 44-32-2 57.89 % W 5 30.5 +29.64 -
10 drewins 65-49-6 57.02 % L 1 254.5 +29.02 -
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SBR Genie (5 months ago)
Freeplay points paid. Congratulations winners!
Koldazzice (5 months ago)
If I get first I will feel blessed. Got screwed by covid and ties. Thanks it was a blast..... ;)
chico2663 (5 months ago)
chico2663 (5 months ago)
If I get third I will feel blessed. Got screwed by covid and those ties. Thanks lt it was a blast.
stil370 (6 months ago)
the date on the picks is for dec 25 but is it actually for 24th right?
LT Profits (6 months ago)
No date of 25th is correct. Only game today is football bowl game, all other leagues off Christmas Eve.
Koldazzice (6 months ago)
eastern washington was postponed but I was given a 3 unit loss
LT Profits (6 months ago)
Thanks. Fixed.
chico2663 (6 months ago)
Can't wait to get home so I can handicap. Been in hospital since Friday. Gl guys
beefcake (6 months ago)
Glad you're feeling better!
JAKEPEAVY21 (6 months ago)
What happened chico? When will you get back home?
chico2663 (6 months ago)
johnnygooble (6 months ago)
Doubled digit favorites go 1 - 11 on sat. Good work Jake. Do you incorporate that strategy in your betting or just for contests?
JAKEPEAVY21 (6 months ago)
Hey johnny, just experimenting with something good luck!
qwertvt (6 months ago)
I would like some clarification- I had a game canceled due to covid. It is graded as a push. My inference is as follows: Postponed games are graded as pushes. These games will count towards the minimum and maximum number of allotted games for the contest.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
No clarification needed, 100% correct
MayneJB (6 months ago)
Lol thanks Gonzaga /Baylor
AUSTINRUSSELL (6 months ago)
There is doubles for every game right now which do I choose?
LT Profits (6 months ago)
Son if a bitch! All the TOP games are correct
Mike Huntertz (6 months ago)
The best line!
LT Profits (6 months ago)
TOP St. John's listing with Boston College on bottom is the correct one, do NOT make plays on bottom game as it will be deleted.
yisman (6 months ago)
SJ/BC listed twice.
53 defense (6 months ago)
My graded plays for yesterday are incorrect...never took the Baylor game...Please Adjust
53 defense (6 months ago)
Think we're leakin oil .....
qwertvt (6 months ago)
I think there is some glitch. I had a pick in the Baylor v Washington game which hasn’t been played yet. My pick; however, has been graded. The graded score is identical to the final score of the Richmond v Kentucky game.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
Sorry qwertvt, we will correct tonight after the game.
qwertvt (6 months ago)
Thank you for responding. I appreciate your efforts.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
The 4 games up right now are all correct and playable. Techs are aware of the 7 missing games, still unsure if they will able to be added as there was a real shitshow behind the scenes today.
yisman (6 months ago)
This Rhode Island game I don't think is correct. I haven't made any picks today.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
Not sure why that game popped up again after we removed it earlier, only game left on our board for Sunday is Va Tech game. It is almost 6:00 ET, we will remove any late plays (if any) on that bogus URI game in 6 minutes.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
There are 7 (SEVEN!) wrong matchups right now, techs are aware. Until matchups are fixed, do not play games starting at 1:00, 3:00, 5:30 and 6:00 ET
JH076 (6 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up! Do we know which games so we know which we can play? I understand RI and Michigan but not the others.
louisvillekid (6 months ago)
i was just noticing that. i went back to look at games and was like "whoa, these lines and times are wayyyy off." lol
LT Profits (6 months ago)
JH076 the few games not starting at the times I posted are good to play.
53 defense (6 months ago)
Scratch my Michigan Pick Bad Line...
yisman (6 months ago)
rhode island and michigan games have wrong line
chico2663 (7 months ago)
peavy on top. Could you help a brother out with a pick l.t.? Asking for a friend.
JAKEPEAVY21 (7 months ago)
I might be out of the top 10 after tonight...have a lot of picks pending gl amigo
LT Profits (7 months ago)
Plays on game with South Carolina listed home have been deleted
TATUMUS (7 months ago)
WTF?!!! It's a friggin neutral site game! That a crock of sh#t! Why are the SBR contests so friggin jacked up?
LT Profits (7 months ago)
There was no choice because game was listed twice with each team "home". So since we had to delete the wrong game to prevent dupe picks, we had to delete associated picks. If neutral site game was listed once with wrong bottom team but right line, we would have let it go.
53 defense (7 months ago)
Multiple Liberty entries...
LT Profits (7 months ago)
Reported thanks. The TOP entry with Liberty on bottom is the correct one.
taterhead (7 months ago)
Richmond vs Morehead listed ar 6:00 and 8:30 with different lines
LT Profits (7 months ago)
Yes all plays on bad Kansas line will be deleted once line is fixed
taterhead (7 months ago)
Kansas game must be wrong
Toledo Ed (7 months ago)
The Arkansas Little Rock game is listed twice
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