CBB Awesome Baby 1500

Contest Rules

Minimum of 50, maximum of 80 CBB Plays. Includes Spreads, Totals and Money Lines. Rate plays from 1 to 5, rating is the RISK amount.

1st. 750 points
2nd. 300 points
3rd. 225 points
4th. 150 points
5th. 75 points


1. International users must enter a Pinnacle Sports account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Point prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Mon, January, 22, 2018
End Date:Sun, February, 11, 2018
Max Plays:80
Min Plays:50
Bet Range:5
Base Betting:No
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:1,500 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 2661-3095-93
Percent: 46.23 %
Units: -1,617.36
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 bigt71906 32-45-0 41.56 % W 3 0.0 +87.60 750 pts
2 jimbob365 20-59-1 25.32 % L 4 0.0 +65.08 300 pts
3 rewdog24 44-26-1 62.86 % W 1 -9.5 +54.87 225 pts
4 ahv123 42-37-1 53.16 % L 2 29.0 +41.07 150 pts
5 Otters27 33-44-3 42.86 % L 1 0.0 +36.51 75 pts
6 JayTris07 42-37-1 53.16 % L 1 30.0 +32.86 -
7 FUqer 39-40-1 49.37 % L 1 0.0 +30.09 -
8 andyjc712 41-33-1 55.41 % L 1 0.0 +29.68 -
9 chico2663 43-34-3 55.84 % W 1 -5.0 +29.33 -
10 thetrinity 42-36-2 53.85 % L 2 0.0 +24.68 -
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jimbob365 (9 months ago)
Nice Bigt71906... Finished well.. Fair play.
billyloco (9 months ago)
CONGRATS bigt7, you kicked all our butts BIG TIME!!
bigt71906 (9 months ago)
About time I find a way to win lol.
jimbob365 (9 months ago)
U deserved it my fellow capper. All best in the next one.
jimbob365 (9 months ago)
There are: 88 active participants. 63 Lost money 25 Won Money Only 18 have a winning record of 50%+ When you bet Vegas lines you don't get anything when your team covers by 20 points.. The best method of making money is to bet the number you cap the game at. If you think that a team will win by 7 you should get better odds than if it is lined at 2.. Bet your own lines that you cap the game at with Alt Spread markets and you will be rewarded for your successes and lose nothing more for your fails.. 25% win rate will be enough to make profit... Sounds lot easier than 50%... Because it is.. Trust your judgement
mikejamm (9 months ago)
You fuk's and your long shot money line plays! lol! 28-41 record is in 1st place. No fuk'in body bets that way in real life! It's joke ass lucky fuk'in donk handicapping and you're not learning shit by play'in that way!
jimbob365 (9 months ago)
So the fact that I can make more money than you by randomly guessing ML is what annoys you.. Ha Ha Think of all that time you spend capping games and your results are worse than average.. It works consistently, not just one offs. Why you want to hit 56% with juice when you can get big plus price.. So funny LMAO at all you people thinking ur so great capping games.. My method is better than yours.. In college basketball only tho. Do not do this in any other sport. Altho Soccer is good if yo getting above +250
billyloco (9 months ago)
100% correct jimbob, BTW I have made my living wagering on MLB, NBA, NHL dogs the past 6 years, (( you have to bet every game tho)) and I'm approaching 72 so I'm NOT a beginner at this.
darin67 (9 months ago)
Yesterday I made 3 ATS plays ( all favs) ALL 3 SU LOST.
jimbob365 (9 months ago)
Bad luck dude.. A lot of variance in College basketball. Even after I lose I still can't see why that team lost. Once you get to the tourney its different but it seems that... Any team can beat any other team pre-tourney.. This year even more so because the elite are not elite in most cases. I wish everybody the best of luck with their picks.. My policy is simple. I can't get 55% long term in college basketball. I can get maybe 45% so I need +150 odds to win It works well for me. I will take +4 instead of +14, lose more bets but make more cash..
darin67 (9 months ago)
Win less. . Make more
jimbob365 (9 months ago)
In the clubhouse. Left some units on the table here guys.. Sitting target. Come and get it..
DiggityDaggityDo (9 months ago)
beefcake (9 months ago)
Jimbob is killing it!! Good job !
jimbob365 (9 months ago)
Big ML dogs make a gambler look amazing one minute and shocking the next. Huge volatility, massive variance. I seem to get a similar win/lose record on the spread so I almost only do big ML. With bets like this you need to try smell the bull sh*t, find the pretender on the card. Will prob lose it all today 17 plays @ 5 units. All or nothing
beefcake (9 months ago)
You got balls the size of Mount Rushmore! Good luck