CBC Hockey Night in Canada Pool - Week 10!!!

Contest Prizes

1. jrgum3 300p

Contest Rules


Just a weekend hockey pool for points and bragging rights. We'll keep a running record of the weekly Champs.

Record set in Week 8 for winning percentage and units won at 13-2 = 86.67% +64.65 still holds, how long will this be record last with the big Christmas Pool around the corner?

Getting closer to Christmas week and we'll double the buy ins to 100pts which will of course double the prizes as well to celebrate!!!

Saturday nights are always Hockey Night in Canada on CBC!!!

Weekly Champs

Preseason - Tuesday

Week 1 - hugh_morris

Week 2 - Kami40

Week 3 - Tuesday

Week 4 - hugh_morris

Week 5 - Kami40


Week 7 - LT Profits

Week 8 - Tuesday(13-2 = 86.67 +64.65 Units)

Week 9 - LT Profits

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Fri, December, 17, 2021
End Date:Mon, December, 20, 2021
Max Plays:888
Bet Range:5
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:50
Grading Method:Net Units
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 52-49-20
Percent: 51.49 %
Units: +26.20
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 jrgum3 8-0-0 100.00 % W 8 2.0 +45.35 -
2 Kami40 17-17-9 50.00 % L 1 13.5 +24.45 -
3 LUCKYCHUCK 1-2-0 33.33 % L 1 -0.5 -2.70 -
4 LT Profits 8-9-3 47.06 % L 1 1.5 -5.00 -
5 hugh_morris 7-8-4 46.67 % W 1 -2.5 -8.95 -
6 Tuesday 11-13-4 45.83 % W 3 0.0 -26.95 -

Tuesday (10 months ago)
Also, since games on 22nd and 23rd cancelled we can't have Christmas Week Pool - so we'll have New Years Pool starting 30th for 100pt buy in. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!
Tuesday (10 months ago)
Events outside of our control have postponed all NHL games to after Christmas, but at least this time it was not SBR fault haha it was Bettman decision - so as said before will try keep same dates as much as possible we'll end the contest with jrgum3 the winner of Week 10!!! Congratulations jrgum3 winning with perfect 8-0 record as well!!! Jrgum3 let me know if you want any special emoticon/smilie to go with Trophy record?
Kami40 (10 months ago)
Wild/Stars game not available?
Tuesday (10 months ago)
NHL cancelled all games till after Christmas...
Kami40 (10 months ago)
Hey Tuesday this it just like last week dejavu if We don't have a big selection of games to choose from to make up ground what good is it brother?
Tuesday (10 months ago)
Yeah, and NHL just announced no more games at all to after Christmas...so since was saying before will try not keep same dates as much as possible - we'll just end the contest as it is now because events outside our control.
LT Profits (10 months ago)
Tuesday if you really want contest to end Sunday, set end date to Saturday before it starts. Otherwise I could change back to Sunday after it starts.
Tuesday (10 months ago)
Thank you LT, I thought about ending on Sunday but I saw Monday has bunch of games so decided to include it - for Christmas I'll probably make it week long since no games 24 and 25, maybe start 23 to 30 then maybe keep it at 100 for new years weekend too.
LT Profits (10 months ago)
Whatever you want Tuesday, this is your baby!