CFB Bowl Pool Handicapping Contest 2021

Contest Prizes

1. jillmark 1,800p
2. taterhead 720p
3. turkstock 540p
4. mike1234 360p
5. drewins 180p

Contest Rules

Make minimum 10, maximum 15 CFB Bowl plays. Contest includes Side & Totals only with plays rated 1 to 3
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Tue, December, 14, 2021
End Date:Mon, January, 10, 2022
Max Plays:15
Min Plays:10
Bet Range:3
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:100
Grading Method:Net Units
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 224-213-32
Percent: 51.26 %
Units: -28.55
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 jillmark 11-1-0 91.67 % W 11 133.5 +29.85 -
2 taterhead 11-2-0 84.62 % W 9 116.5 +24.10 -
3 turkstock 10-4-0 71.43 % L 1 18.0 +17.10 -
4 mike1234 9-5-1 64.29 % W 6 12.0 +10.71 -
5 drewins 6-3-2 66.67 % W 3 41.0 +8.22 -
6 Razorbacks1 7-4-1 63.64 % W 2 58.0 +8.07 -
7 Zlaniner 9-6-0 60.00 % L 1 26.0 +7.80 -
8 andyjc712 8-5-1 61.54 % L 3 7.0 +7.50 -
9 dkp 9-6-0 60.00 % W 3 55.0 +6.96 -
10 phillyboiler 8-5-0 61.54 % W 2 40.5 +6.90 -
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LT Profits (9 months ago)
SURPRISE! Alabama/Georgia now up!
THE HITMAN (9 months ago)
When is Mon ALA/GA game going to be up ??
LT Profits (9 months ago)
It won't unless feed magically fixes on Monday.
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Here we go again!! Feed MIGHT get fixed today, but until then: We will delete ALL Sides (including MLs in contests that have them) on LSU / Kansas State game made after Monday at 1:23pm ET. TOTALS will be kept LIVE with Action.
daneblazer (9 months ago)
Forum coming back?
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Have no idea when dane, all I know is it is getting looked at.
ZootAllures (10 months ago)
games stuck on alt. lines on gamedays
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Not all stuck, some toggle.
jackpot269 (10 months ago)
Sorry LT I took that same AF over in this one also
Kami40 (10 months ago)
Thanks Brother have a Great Day
Kami40 (10 months ago)
The only thing that its jacked up about pushes is nobody can predict who is going to cancel so some people might have no pushes while others have several why don't they just credit the pick back so Everyone can pick again I understand LT but just confusing to me cuz if you get a push on a ticket you just cash it in at sports book and make another pick that's all I'm saying God Bless Everyone
LT Profits (10 months ago)
That is more relevant in contests with fixed number of picks than those with ranges like this one (10-15). It certainly is a valid argument for regular season NFL and NCAAF contests next year though.
LT Profits (10 months ago)
BUT reason the Push rule exists to begin with is what happens when, say, Monday Night NFL game or NCAAF West Coast Saturday game gets PPD late leaving nothing to replace with? That would leave members short of minimum.
BarryColeman (10 months ago)
The Miami game has been cancelled...hows that affect the standings if you picked Miami???
LT Profits (10 months ago)
It will be a Push
LT Profits (10 months ago)
Since it is happening again right now with the Thursday games, here is blanket statement pertaining to ALL Bowl Games: Only plays on the straight lines (those at or around -110) will be honored, plays on Alternate Lines will be deleted.
LT Profits (10 months ago)
It seems Army Bowl Game Side and Total lines Wednesday have both been toggling back and forth all day between straight lines and ALT lines. Only plays on straight lines (those at or close to -110) will stand regardless of time placed, all plays on ALT lines will be deleted.
turkstock (10 months ago)
will todays games be available?
LT Profits (10 months ago)
Looking bleak for first game :(
Kami40 (10 months ago)
Thanks God Bless
LT Profits (10 months ago)
Bowls for Tuesday to Monday will become available tomorrow morning when the new week rolls over.
Kami40 (10 months ago)
Hey LT will bowl games be available to pick soon for this week?
LT Profits (10 months ago)
it looks like this contest is filling in games weekly, but it WILL have all the games in the end.
jackpot269 (10 months ago)
Thanks LT for letting us know