January 2022

Contest Prizes

1. LT Profits 819p
2. yisman 341p
3. soccerzyko 205p

Contest Rules

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Sat, January, 1, 2022
End Date:Mon, January, 31, 2022
Max Plays:4444
Min Plays:99
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:105
Grading Method:Net Units
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 1513-1343-52
Percent: 52.98 %
Units: -2.17
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 LT Profits 154-109-3 58.56 % L 1 488.5 +36.44 -
2 yisman 115-69-3 62.50 % L 1 252.5 +34.33 -
3 soccerzyko 106-92-3 53.54 % W 2 328.5 +22.95 -
4 max51 211-137-7 60.63 % L 1 -33.0 +5.38 -
5 fantbase 76-92-3 45.24 % L 16 188.0 +4.64 -
6 Tolki 113-89-1 55.94 % W 6 24.5 +3.44 -
7 drewins 86-75-3 53.42 % L 1 40.5 +3.37 -
8 ekrazee33 63-69-4 47.73 % W 2 170.5 -4.66 -
9 toughone 61-65-4 48.41 % W 3 76.5 -16.86 -
10 jrgum3 106-112-2 48.62 % W 2 71.0 -17.20 -
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yisman (8 months ago)
I should have taken Cincy ML yesterday instead of just spread. Now no picks so I cannot catch up.
yisman (8 months ago)
February posted https://contests.sportsbookreview.com/february-2022-contest-11998/
LT Profits (8 months ago)
There are currently 3 bogus NCAAB game listed Tuesday (1/25) that are NOT being played tonight, please do not make plays on these 3 games as they will be deleted: Arizona State/Loyola Chicago, Iona/Belmont and Xavier/Virginia Tech
LT Profits (8 months ago)
Baylor does NOT play Michigan State in NCAAB on Sunday (1/23), all plays on that bogus game will be deleted.
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Guys, proceed under the assumption that the wrong NFL starting times will not get fixed, so if you are looking to play one of those games, make sure to get them in by the times listed here. The Sunday Night game is listed at 4:25 ET and some 4:25 games are listed at 1:00 ET. All times displayed were original scheduled times.
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Since we are getting closer to gametime, I would recommend everyone going forward that does not already have a live play on the Dallas game and wants one (or two) make the same play(s) on both listings. I will then delete all the bad plays right around gametime at 8:15 ET.
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Guys that Dallas game is quirky as fuck. I have experimented with several contests and have gotten different results :( SO, check your pendings. If your pick is live, great you are in. If it was deleted, either pick the BOTTOM listing OR go ahead and make the same play in BOTH listings, I will catch the bad one and delete it. In fact, that may be the surest way your pick gets in.
Kami40 (9 months ago)
Good energy to you LT any update on Everything?
Kami40 (9 months ago)
Gm Lt thanks for update have a Great day my Brother
toughone (9 months ago)
how does this contest work? Is this NFL only?
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Line feed has been broken since Saturday, even NFL lines are stale :(
toughone (9 months ago)
thanks.. did i waste a 100 pts?
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Well this lasts the whole month, so should get most of the month in if feed is fixed next couple of days.
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Here we go again!! Feed MIGHT get fixed today, but until then: We will delete ALL Sides (including MLs in contests that have them) on LSU / Kansas State game made after Monday at 1:23pm ET. TOTALS will be kept LIVE with Action.
Kami40 (9 months ago)
Gm thanks LT :-)
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Lines still not updating, SO for Monday Night Football: The TOTAL remains fair game and can be picked at will. The Side moved to Cleveland -2.5 at our line provider last night at 7:25pm ET and has trended toward Steelers ever since. So I will PUSH all plays on Side made after that time, as well as any plays on Side going forward (unless of course feed gets fixed). FYI, I will not Push until after game goes Final, or else actual score would override my grading. So with all that said, PLEASE do not make plays on Side unless line updates.
Kami40 (9 months ago)
Gm LT WE get 12 points a day if Pro status after logging into Forum can they credit the days WE missed? thanks Brother
Kami40 (9 months ago)
Thanks my Great Brother God Bless you always!!!
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Techs are looking at Forum now, no ETA yet
Kami40 (9 months ago)
Happy New Year Everyone hey LT is Forum going to be up today?
LT Profits (9 months ago)
Our Line Provider updated Packers to -13/42.5 at 7:55 AM ET this morning. All plays made at current -7/46 line after that time (including "wrong" side of stale line) will get deleted. I will try to hold off on deletions until contest line updates so I only have to do it once.
Kami40 (9 months ago)
Happy Blessed New Year to Everyone; whats so special about 105 entry fee points been 100 points for awhile?
yisman (9 months ago)
happy new year