July MLB Handicapping Contest

Contest Rules

Minimum of 60, maximum 90 MLB Plays. Includes Money Lines, Totals and Run Lines. Regular plays are 1 unit, 4 optional Best Bets per month are 3 units.

1st. 750 Betpoints + SBR T-Shirt
2nd. 300 Betpoints + SBR T-Shirt
3rd. 200 Betpoints + SBR T-Shirt
4th. 150 Betpoints + SBR T-Shirt
5th. 100 Betpoints + SBR T-Shirt


1. International users must enter a Bet365 account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. T-Shirts can only be shipped to continental USA.
3. SBR is not responsible for system outages that are beyond our control, plays will not be entered retroactively.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Sat, July, 1, 2017
End Date:Mon, July, 31, 2017
Max Plays:90
Min Plays:60
Bet Range:1
Base Betting:Yes
BestBets Required:4
BestBet Multiplier Value:3
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:1,500 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 8125-8030-400
Percent: 50.29 %
Units: -488.37
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 BrentBrooks3000 61-26-3 70.11 % W 5 89.0 +27.94 -
2 Daygoroach 55-27-0 67.07 % W 6 21.5 +27.79 2 pending
3 Jesse Powell 46-35-3 56.79 % W 3 30.0 +27.74 -
4 yisman 51-31-1 62.20 % W 1 19.5 +26.36 -
5 Salapatko 56-32-2 63.64 % L 1 41.0 +24.30 -
6 JAKEPEAVY21 39-29-2 57.35 % W 2 17.0 +23.63 1 pending
7 aggieshawn 37-22-2 62.71 % W 4 40.5 +23.47 2 pending
8 BufordtheBeaver 54-34-2 61.36 % W 1 74.0 +21.81 -
9 ferndog 52-38-0 57.78 % W 1 51.5 +21.52 -
10 Goatman 53-34-3 60.92 % W 3 83.0 +20.30 -
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Jeff Hammaker (2 days ago)
Just crushed it. Rank 281. Did i win the trip yet?
Jimromesadouche (1 day ago)
They're trying hard to give away spots. Listen to the shows.. live if you can
Jesse Powell (4 days ago)
Does the winner of this contest win a trip to the IFBC in Costa Rica?
LT Profits (4 days ago)
No, the logistics made it virtually impossible with the ending date of this contest so close to the IFBC dates.
brandon980 (2 days ago)
Go on SBR Facebook page and enter the raffle. They are giving away 30 more spots I guess. Sent the email and got a reply saying all I got to do is buy the tickets and they will reimburse once we are there.
billyloco (2 days ago)
I got my invite and if I can get away from my practice I will be there!!
mr. leisure (4 days ago)
Oakland won today ,it`s graded as a push
LT Profits (4 days ago)
Thanks. Fixed.
jrgum3 (5 days ago)
I also picked Miami over Cincinnati on Friday but it was ruled a push. please fix this thank you
jose21_us (5 days ago)
LT can you fix my marlins pick from yesterday showing as a push instead of a win...
LT Profits (5 days ago)
Thanks. Fixed.
dbouchot (4 days ago)
i have the same problem LT I would appreciate your help.
LT Profits (4 days ago)
When a grading is fixed, it is fixed across the board.
EmpireMaker (4 days ago)
Miami is still reading as a Push on my results
LT Profits (3 days ago)
Hmmm, weird. It seems system changed it back to Push AFTER we fixed i first time. :( We fixed it again, hopefully permanently.
mikejamm (5 days ago)
Honestly LT, who the fuk is verifying these outcomes? Is it truly up to us to find every fuk up on the software?
mikejamm (5 days ago)
Dodgers/CWS from Wednesday was ruled a push. LAD 9 - CWS 1 L.A. Dodgers (-181) Win 1.81 1.00 L.A. Dodgers -1.5 (-120) Push 1.20 In yet another fuk up.
mikejamm (5 days ago)
Gave me correct credit for ML. Run line bet was fuk'ed up. L.A. Dodgers -1.5 (-120) Push 1.20 0
LT Profits (5 days ago)
That grading is correct, game was called after 7 innings so Totals and RLs are Pushes
yisman (5 days ago)
Miami/Cincinnati yesterday was graded a push. Mistake.
keel44 (6 days ago)
I have surged to 7th betting all unders. I still have 3 best bets left as well. Look out!
mikejamm (1 week ago)
Why was my Boston/Toronto Pick, Boston +121 ML, ruled a damn push?
LT Profits (1 week ago)
Because nobody likes you. LOL It is fixed Mike.
mikejamm (1 week ago)
Thanks LT! Not that it makes a damn bit of difference this month anyway! lol! Thanks for keep'in it straight LT.
2daBank (1 week ago)
145 guys in the black, pretty impressive.. damn 3x bet kills me every month, lol. think i had 2 of mine blow leads and lose in bottom of 9th..
Goatman (1 week ago)
Same here! I lost 3 of my 4 3x bets. I'd be in first place right now if not for that. Ugh!
2daBank (1 week ago)
There a reason I flat bet bases w no exceptions! The same thing that makes me successful at bases is pretty much same reason having to find 4 games any "better" than rest impossible for me, lol. I find I have more success in NFL finding a play better than others but I also am far less consistently successful overall w NFL. Go figure..
SBR Forum (2 weeks ago)
Raffle winners for free Costa Rica vacation: 1st. thomorino 2nd. brock 3rd. afrank3 4th. Goatman 5th. 53 defense youtube commentator 'vig simon'
mberger (2 weeks ago)
unclejimmy (1 week ago)
Congrats you lucky dogs!
Goatman (1 week ago)
Thanks guys!
Goatman (2 weeks ago)
Can't wait for Costa Rica! Thanks guys!
BrentBrooks3000 (2 weeks ago)
Congrats Goat, drink a beer with Pete for me!
Goatman (2 weeks ago)
Thanks Brent! Will do!
brandon980 (2 days ago)
Goatman, do you have to purchase your airfare then they will reimburse?
Optional (2 weeks ago)
The T-Shirts have really upped the ante for some. Trash talking heating up!
yisman (2 weeks ago)
forget t shirts trip to costa rica much better but not merit-based :(
thomorino (2 weeks ago)
Lol Big Man On Campus calls me a fraud - I'm up more units this month than he is up for the year - he can't document a single winning season anywhere in 9 years.
Blake Kersey (2 weeks ago)
Got em.
BrentBrooks3000 (2 weeks ago)
If I end up with 1st place, do I get a spot on "The Odds Couple"? That would be straight dope! CarpeDiem is the MAN!
Biglakeshow (2 weeks ago)
You've made 70 picks , do you think that will be enough to win ?
BrentBrooks3000 (2 weeks ago)
I hope so, I can sit back and wait now.
AceFarmer1 (3 weeks ago)
Sosana I would be mad to if I got Lucky as hell last month and then get exposed this month. It'll be alright man
SOSANA (2 weeks ago)
see in the august contest buddy, hope you crack top 10 in july :)
AceFarmer1 (2 weeks ago)
If I don't, I sure won't be blaming and bitching about SBR's system. Their system doesn't make Our picks
SOSANA (2 weeks ago)
Keep talk shit ace
SOSANA (2 weeks ago)
awww cupcake I am sorry I let you down this month Ace-hole.......I promise to restore your faith in me next month..............In saying that I have nothing better to do but keep ridin your ass all month. So if you don't crack the top 10 once this month feel keep to keep running your mouth cause sounds like that's all your good at goof. STAY IN YO LANE BRAH
AceFarmer1 (2 weeks ago)
I'm so sorry Sosana, I did not realize you used words like Brah. My full respect to people that use BRAH, and good grammar. Your mommy must be so proud.
SOSANA (3 weeks ago)
You know what dude its time for your software engineer's to rethink about .net and their bs ecosystem. Time to start thinking about servering those api's from .net server and handing it off to a micro-server front-end built for the modern age ex: react/redux. Give me a holler if you want to take a step forward, not backwards in technology. Pisses me off when I see so many bugs and lags. PEACE.
Goatman (3 weeks ago)
Yeah, it took me 30 minutes to get my picks submitted tonight. Really annoying.
SBR Forum (3 weeks ago)
Sorry guys. Hang in there. Contests is very old software badly in need of an update. We actually do use that technology elsewhere. But the most recent sputtering appears related to the switch to SSL. We are on it.
SBR Forum (3 weeks ago)
Performance is back to normal now.
Goatman (3 weeks ago)
SOSANA (3 weeks ago)
I guess I finally had my BMOC rant, glad its being addressed :)
SBR Forum (3 weeks ago)
Your comment was on point and the talk around the water cooler here among developers. =)
Purpleraven9 (3 weeks ago)
who won raffle?
Goatman (3 weeks ago)
The raffle is Monday.
mr. leisure (3 weeks ago)
Boston is still pending fro last night
mr. leisure (3 weeks ago)
Nevermind, I`m dumb, I marked the weds game .
LT Profits (3 weeks ago)
Detroit grading has been fixed
AceFarmer1 (3 weeks ago)
Detroit won by 2 runs..-1.5 credited as a loss
slambam (3 weeks ago)
Detroit won 5-3, but -1.5 was credited as a loss today, fyi.
turtlejc (3 weeks ago)
hope i can win the raffle. gave up my bash spot earlier this year :(
johnnydallaz (3 weeks ago)
I will win one of the trophy t-shirts this month!!!
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