MLB Playoffs Pool Contest 2021

Group Record

WLT: 397-373-23
Percent: 51.56 %
Units: +24.95
Completed Plays

Contest Rules

Make a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 MLB Playoff plays. Contest includes Money Lines, Totals and Run Lines. Rating will be the base amount.

ALL plays have ACTION at odds originally taken and MUST GO 9/8.5 INNINGS (7/6.5 innings for Doubleheader games) to count.

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Mon, October, 4, 2021
End Date:Wed, November, 3, 2021
Max Plays:30
Min Plays:17
Bet Range:3
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:100
Grading Method:Net Units
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

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