NBA Last Quarter 1500

Group Record

WLT: 1485-1716-29
Percent: 46.39 %
Units: -748.18
Completed Plays

Contest Rules

Make a minimum of 45 and a maximum of 70 NBA Plays. Includes Spreads, Totals and Money Lines. Plays must be rated 1 to 3 and rating is the RISK amount.

1st. 750 Free Play
2nd. 300 Free Play
3rd. 225 Free Play
4th. 150 Free Play
5th. 75 Free Play

1. International users must enter a Pinnacle Sports account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Betpoint prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
3. SBR is not responsible for system outages that are beyond our control, plays will not be entered retroactively.
4. BAD LINES: If there is a clear and obvious line error on a game, alert us on Live Chat for a point reward. Do not enter picks on obvious errors as they will only be voided anyway with offenders being subject to possible banning.

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Mon, April, 26, 2021
End Date:Sun, May, 16, 2021
Max Plays:70
Min Plays:45
Bet Range:3
Base Betting:No
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:1,500 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals
May 2021
DayWLTPctNet WinningRecord
05/16/202164-94-040.51 %-80.62Details
05/15/202141-46-447.13 %-17.44Details
05/14/202140-50-044.44 %-25.53Details
05/13/202143-79-135.25 %-120.89Details
05/12/202173-82-047.10 %-47.02Details
05/11/202196-97-249.74 %-36.71Details
05/10/202193-66-358.49 %80.79Details
05/09/202142-49-046.15 %-18.38Details
05/08/202151-72-041.46 %-90.26Details
05/07/202170-81-046.36 %-77.55Details
05/06/202166-72-347.83 %11.21Details
05/05/202183-91-247.70 %-42.06Details
05/04/202154-79-440.60 %-102.32Details
05/03/2021121-117-050.84 %-4.35Details
05/02/2021106-128-045.30 %-40.75Details
05/01/202152-75-540.94 %-66.32Details
April 2021
DayWLTPctNet WinningRecord
04/30/202177-98-044.00 %-33.49Details
04/29/202174-80-148.05 %47.18Details
04/28/2021112-96-453.85 %-1.43Details
04/27/202151-62-045.13 %-29.99Details
04/26/202176-102-042.70 %-52.25Details
Totals:1485-1716-2946.39 %-748.18