NBA Playoff 15K Challenge

Contest Rules

You must make a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 55 NBA Playoff Plays. Contest includes Spreads, Totals and Money Lines. All plays must be rated from 1 to 5, and the rating will be the RISK amount.

1st. 3000 points
2nd. 1950 points
3rd. 1350 points
4th. 1050 points
5th. 900 points
6th. 825 points
7th. 750 points
8th. 675 points
9th. 570 points
10th. 550 points
11th. 525 points
12th. 435 points
13th. 410 points
14th. 375 points
15th. 360 points
16th. 330 points
17th. 310 points
18th. 255 points
19th. 230 points
20th. 150 points

1. International users must enter a Bet365 account on the join page. US users must enter their SBR usernames.
2. Betpoint prizes are SBR Sportsbook Free Plays.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Thu, April, 17, 2014
End Date:Sun, June, 15, 2014
Max Plays:55
Min Plays:35
Bet Range:5
Base Betting:No
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:5
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:15,000 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 3634-3665-189
Percent: 49.79 %
Units: -821.92
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 Timmay 29-12-1 70.73 % W 5 0.0 +101.83 3000 pts
2 sportfan 28-11-2 71.79 % L 2 -26.0 +89.68 1950 pts
3 tradeout 31-19-0 62.00 % W 2 -3.0 +88.95 1350 pts
4 GUMMO77 37-14-2 72.55 % W 1 15.5 +80.46 1050 pts
5 Pill Gates 22-11-2 66.67 % L 1 0.0 +71.35 900 pts
6 nebunul 36-18-1 66.67 % W 4 116.0 +70.91 825 pts
7 Noles1992 32-21-2 60.38 % L 1 22.5 +70.90 750 pts
8 chacker 37-15-2 71.15 % W 3 24.0 +70.85 675 pts
9 FreakyD 32-20-0 61.54 % W 2 7.0 +65.42 570 pts
10 seaborneq 35-19-1 64.81 % L 1 45.5 +64.09 550 pts
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seaborneq (87 months ago)
When will points be awarded? Just wondering. Thanks for an awesome contest?
thetrinity (87 months ago)
good job guys who cashed, used the last 2 picks on spurs spread and ml game 2, bad timing, would have got top 10
GUMMO77 (87 months ago)
Great work, Timmay!
Noles1992 (87 months ago)
Congrats Timmay!
seaborneq (88 months ago)
Why are the action numbers declining even when no plays are being made? Are they adjusted based on something else other the difference in the spread? I was well over 200 action points now it is dwindling even when I win. Feedback
Timmay (87 months ago)
What does the action mean?
yisman (87 months ago)
supposed to be how much your bet won by. over 187, game ends 190, you'd be +3 action. Must be malfunctioning on SBR software
Timmay (87 months ago)
Oh for sure. I remember you Yisman :) I haven't been on the forums or playing poker anymore. Been a while.
James Marques (88 months ago)
Hooks and phantom fouls.... Tough beat.
Timmay (88 months ago)
Sportfan and Mrsolodolo is getting close. I'm still going to wait it out though :) If I drop down I'll make more picks :)
chacker (88 months ago)
I wouldn't say sportfan is getting close. He hasn't made a pick in two weeks lol! Nice surge on the 9th to overtake and you still have plenty of picks left! I'd sit in first and wait it out like you said.
Timmay (88 months ago)
Thanks man :) Yea, but I gotta watch out for him in case he comes in later and tries to take it down. Yea.... No rush into jumping in and possibly losing units.
seaborneq (87 months ago)
Are you not going to have to make another play to win the 3000 points. Where is the 2nd place guy? Why is he/she not trying to win this thing. I am going to wait until game 7 to make my final play. I am sitting on 8th for 675 points. Still trying to get to 5th place
Timmay (87 months ago)
Yea, I feel you. I think it's worth going for first and settling for second if you lose.
Timmay (87 months ago)
I meant third.
James Marques (89 months ago)
9 in a row here, 9 in a row on 5dimes. How about that little run.
Timmay (88 months ago)
Nice man!!!
Timmay (89 months ago)
I feel like I shouldn't pick any more teams lol. I'm content at 4th. I'm not good at choosing games :)
seaborneq (89 months ago)
I would stand still until I have to make a play. I am ninth and have moved up 3 spots by doing nothing. I probably could get up to 6th with my remaining plays, but I am just watching how things shake out first. You are in the catbirds' seat. I have more wins AND losses than anyone in the top 10.
seaborneq (89 months ago)
My bad Soxsfans9 does, but I could pass him/her on my next play.
Timmay (89 months ago)
Nice... I went for the gamble it worked out. But now I have to take my time. I just don't want someone last second to crush and then I have to hurry :) I just recognized there was 2k more points for 3 more spots.... If I lose 3 spots I only lose 300, so I felt that it was worth it. Good luck bro.
Timmay (89 months ago)
Tuesdays lines are all weird. It shows both games twice with different lines.
LT Profits (89 months ago)
Duplicate NBA picks are being removed
Timmay (89 months ago)
Cool :) Good luck on your picks :)
shevabets (89 months ago)
Thank you Dallas and San Antonio for missing a thousand free throws. Two of the longest winning streak busted!
seaborneq (89 months ago)
I better play it out.
seaborneq (89 months ago)
I hate I have 10 plays pending. I probably could place in the top 5 if I didn't have anymore plays. Damn
shevabets (89 months ago)
Nice Thursday for you sportfan! Robbed of the clean sweep by the OT in Memphis. Wow!