October 2010

Contest Prizes

1. 1st Place 1,296p
2. 2nd Place 540p
3. 3rd Place 324p

Contest Rules

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Thu, October, 1, 2020
End Date:Sat, October, 31, 2020
Max Plays:3000
Min Plays:15
Bet Range:5
Base Betting:No
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:180
Grading Method:Net Units
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 1103-1147-52
Percent: 49.02 %
Units: -593.22
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 enifman9 39-23-0 62.90 % W 4 35.0 +36.17 -
2 yisman 91-85-1 51.70 % W 2 160.8 +25.00 -
3 Tolki 191-148-5 56.34 % L 1 385.5 +15.93 30 pending
4 LT Profits 20-16-3 55.56 % L 1 31.5 +14.35 -
5 trytrytry 37-57-2 39.36 % L 6 36.3 -33.27 10 pending
6 hugh_morris 110-108-3 50.46 % L 5 78.0 -42.63 -
7 Bucky0603 84-75-7 52.83 % W 3 90.0 -49.56 -
8 CatHawk 36-39-3 48.00 % W 3 54.0 -55.45 -
9 john p roy 11-23-1 32.35 % L 9 -118.5 -70.20 -
10 drewins 146-152-8 48.99 % L 3 235.0 -88.30 -
Pages: 12

yisman (4 days ago)
soccer lines messed up today. Crazy high vig.
yisman (1 day ago)
still having this issue
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
Lt, I wish I knew how you cap. Can I pay you for lessons?
LT Profits (6 days ago)
And I wish I bet EVERY play I entered in contests! LOL
pdprodigy (3 days ago)
I don't think you can make money at a sports book, am I wrong?
pdprodigy (2 days ago)
Casino takes 10% per game, I think. Way too much to overcome
LT Profits (1 week ago)
OK Lines are fixed and look stable across all contests, we can finally proceed as normal.
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
So I can now bet on mnf football?
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
You're freaking me out. I don't want to get banned.
LT Profits (1 week ago)
LOL. Yes all good now bud, lines are fine (finally!)
LT Profits (1 week ago)
LT Profits (0 minutes ago) Guys, STOP MAKING PLAYS on games with bad line Arizona +3 / 52 and Kansas City -3.5 / 46 as they will all get deleted anyway. Also, if I see one more person RE-PLAYING bad line after we already deleted original play on Bad Line, that member will be banned from contests! Note that ALL plays on bad lines get deleted, even if you took the "bad" bad lines of Dallas -3, Buffalo +3.5 (since Sunday) or totals.
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
What are they good lines to bet?
LT Profits (1 week ago)
All plays made on bad lines on Sunday Night Football and the 2 Monday games will be deleted.
LT Profits (1 week ago)
And now lines broken again. FRUSTRATING!
LT Profits (1 week ago)
OK lines now fixed
LT Profits (1 week ago)
All plays on SF -3 and Rams +3 have been deleted. Do not make any plays on game until line is fixed as all plays on bad lines will be deleted
yisman (1 week ago)
Something weird going on here. SF is an underdog but I clicked them and it gave me SF -3. Huh?
LT Profits (1 week ago)
all lines should be good now, tonight's side and total and KC side were whack but fixed
LT Profits (1 week ago)
CRAP i don't get it. Lines look good in Pick 6 but not here. Never saw different lines in different contests before.
yisman (1 week ago)
I just clicked SF assuming I was getting them +points. Didn't even register that they'd somehow be -3 here. They've been an underdog from the opener. So I have spread -3 and ML +120.
LT Profits (1 week ago)
it has been reported, just weird that Pick 6 only contest with right lines
LT Profits (1 week ago)
want me to delete SF -3?
LT Profits (1 week ago)
No longer a question, all plays on bad line have been deleted
yisman (1 week ago)
ok, thanks
LT Profits (1 week ago)
OK we are back, MLB available for selection
LT Profits (1 week ago)
Unfortunately our line provider remains down as I wake up this morning, no games can load until it is back up. Sadly this issue is out of SBR's hands.
LT Profits (1 week ago)
Dodgers missing game at 9:08 ET has been reported, hope it gets fixed in time
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
I would take Atlanta
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
Do the Dodger's play at 19:00?
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
What's the deal with soccer? These games were two weeks ago! I would be happy to assist with grading
LT Profits (1 week ago)
Then why did you wait until now to report them. lol. Next time report non-graded Soccer ASAP.
pdprodigy (1 week ago)
Okay, will do
pdprodigy (2 weeks ago)
Where is this site based?
yisman (2 weeks ago)
pdprodigy (2 weeks ago)
Costa Rica?
LT Profits (1 week ago)
Si, Costa Rica
pdprodigy (2 weeks ago)
Can anyone help me find the sbr manual bet tracker please?
pdprodigy (2 weeks ago)
Enifman is going to get taken out by LT, how embarrassing!
pdprodigy (2 weeks ago)
I'm an asshole, sorry
enifman9 (2 weeks ago)
All in good fun PD! Appreciate the contest and the banter! Padres let me down. Was going to run with them the whole month. Now go pick another +1300 dog and I will gain some respect for you, or at least get your pick % up to a respectable 65%
pdprodigy (2 weeks ago)
65%! Are you nuts? That's impossible with 400 picks!
LT Profits (2 weeks ago)
Since LSU/Missouri was a venue change and NOT a PPD, we are treating early plays with LSU listed as home the same as Bad Lines, meaning those plays have been DELETED and those that played them get a pick back.
pdprodigy (3 weeks ago)
Can you believe Porto lost!?
enifman9 (3 weeks ago)
Luck Box
pdprodigy (3 weeks ago)
Yeah, it's only day 3..
pdprodigy (3 weeks ago)
Luck boxing would imply that I made, say, 6 picks total
enifman9 (3 weeks ago)
That 52.33% Win % speaks volumes...LOL
hugh_morris (3 weeks ago)
Let em roll, fellas...No tricks, and all treats at the end...Salute!!
pdprodigy (3 weeks ago)
I feel like this every fee should be 20,000 points..
yisman (3 weeks ago)
then you'd have 2 entries
LT Profits (1 month ago)
I joined but 75 may be tough for October, and then November will be football only until around the 25th IF college hoops starts up. If no NCAAB, then will be football only until NBA starts on Christmas.
pdprodigy (1 month ago)
Fixed. Thanks for joining and always giving me good suggestions to make my contest better. Your a cool dude, LT!
pdprodigy (1 month ago)
I had no idea about NBA on Christmas!
LT Profits (1 month ago)
Word is NBA 2020-21 starting Christmas and NHL 2021 starting outdoors New Year's Day. But let's get through current playoffs first.