Outkick the Madness 5K Cash Contest

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Percent: 0.00 %
Current Rank: #0 of 668
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Contest Rules

Prize Distribution:
1st. $2,500
2nd. $1,000
3rd.  $750
4th.  $500
5th.  $250

Prizes will be paid via Bitcoin.

Minimum of 40, maximum of 64 CBB tournament plays (ALL tournaments), includes Spreads and Totals only. All plays rated 1 to 3, Rating is base amount.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Mon, March, 12, 2018
End Date:Mon, April, 2, 2018
Max Plays:64
Min Plays:40
Bet Range:3
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:$5,000.00
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 11479-11716-623
Percent: 49.49 %
Units: -4,253.67
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 booya 39-19-2 67.24 % L 1 180.5 +53.82 $2,500.00
2 BIGDAY 28-11-1 71.79 % L 1 192.0 +47.69 $1,000.00
3 cg5293 39-22-2 63.93 % L 1 140.0 +43.92 $750.00
4 jrgum3 39-23-2 62.90 % W 9 175.5 +38.59 $500.00
5 Otters27 29-15-0 65.91 % W 2 93.0 +36.45 $250.00
6 phaffy12 39-25-0 60.94 % W 1 206.0 +34.86 -
7 convick 38-24-2 61.29 % W 1 162.0 +34.41 -
8 Exeterians 37-25-2 59.68 % L 2 -8.0 +32.98 -
9 msutter 38-25-1 60.32 % L 1 61.0 +31.14 -
10 playersonly69 38-25-1 60.32 % W 1 90.5 +31.02 -
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sweep (60 months ago)
well done guys
booya (60 months ago)
Thanks SWEEP! 10 players have a chance at 4th and 5th place. Good luck to all.
booya (60 months ago)
Thanks SBR players for the tough contest. A dozen players had strong runs in the last week and 1ST was up for grabs. Battled from a 12-7-1 to take the lead, only see it last for a day. Went on a solid run and retained the lead. Staying aggressive in the lead paid off. Thanks again. CHEERS!!! from CANADA!! booya.
RiverRaid (60 months ago)
Nice job Booya; +54 outstanding performance.
BIGDAY (60 months ago)
You rocked it suhn!!!!! :bowdown: Took the risk and panned our hugh!!!
booya (60 months ago)
Thanks RiverRaid
booya (60 months ago)
Thanks and Cheers BIGDAY.
BIGDAY (60 months ago)
What’s funny is this isn’t the Booya I know. Lol
booya (60 months ago)
Great run BIGDAY.
cincinnatikid513 (60 months ago)
nice job bash brothers
mr. leisure (60 months ago)
Booya and Bigday kicked ass
sweep (60 months ago)
bigday & booya you guys should chop..50/50
playersonly69 (61 months ago)
Congrats on the big win bigday!
BIGDAY (61 months ago)
Looking good for now! lol
yisman (61 months ago)
WLT: 10626-10870-617 Percent: 49.43 % Units: -4,030.72
yisman (60 months ago)
WLT: 11446-11674-623 Percent: 49.51 % Units: -4,211.56
BIGDAY (61 months ago)
JAKEPEAVY21 (61 months ago)
BIGDAY calling his shot and backing it up so far!!
SnakesPicks (61 months ago)
Can we get a "good" line for the Zags/Buckeyes game please?
SnakesPicks (61 months ago)
The Ohio State/Gonzaga line is screwy. One side is 4 and the other 3.5.
HurryUpAndDrink (61 months ago)
Hurry on the prowl.........
john p roy (61 months ago)
Not so fast tpnelson423 lots of guys on that ass bro
tpnelson423 (61 months ago)
On fire!!!!!
SnakesPicks (61 months ago)
Jinxed yourself big time.
playr101 (61 months ago)
pabonaparte (61 months ago)
tpnelson423 (61 months ago)
L8. All my hopes and dreams down the drain lol
Fenway4561 (61 months ago)
You had such a wicked start, even losing 8 in a row, you still have a shot.
tpnelson423 (61 months ago)
Yea. Gotta sting together some w's. Long ways to go
Fenwayandy (61 months ago)
Fenway4561 (61 months ago)
Nice handle bro ??
Fenway4561 (61 months ago)
I put a thumbs up. It came out as a question mark...weird.
Optional (61 months ago)
Wow, this is strong contest. Avg is under 1 unit down, and 8-11 leaves me near last.
milwaukee mike (61 months ago)
1471-1474 as a group... seems like the norm, right around .500
BIGDAY (61 months ago)
I’m 7-1 and ain’t taking any prisoners. :bigboss:
Optional (61 months ago)
I think most contests with hundreds of entrants end up way worse than .500 avg usually.
ArunSh (61 months ago)
Thing is though, in this contest you can only bet spreads/totals, no $ lines. Thus every bet should be close to 50/50 so it should be close to 50% however many entrants there are. In contests where you can bet $ lines, many people bet tons of huge $ line dogs trying to hit it big - not necessarily a bad strategy since in these contests the only good result is to win big, finishing in middle or dead last is no different. And if way more people bet big $ line underdogs than favorites (which I think is true) then of course it will wind up with way less than 0.500 average for the group
convick (61 months ago)
Some of the othe big contests usually end up at 48-49%. 51-52% may not seem like a big difference.
Nappyx (61 months ago)
I love this contest for the reason that you can't bet the ML. As Arunsh mentioned other contests you just swing for the fences and hope you get lucky. This takes more skill in my opinion.
dante1 (61 months ago)
good observation Mike, the higher the number of chances in a basically only two possibility event the closer the final result will be to .500. that is why beating sports betting, in the long run, is a very very difficult task.
ArunSh (61 months ago)
Yes agree Nappyx. I personally would be in favor of having all contests never have $ lines (or at least limit it to +200 or whatever lines). As stated when there are big $ lines, lot of people just bet a few of those - one or two of them are bound to get lucky if enough do it, and those people then get a very artificial lead as a result.
beefcake (61 months ago)
Whats so Artificial about betting all Big Dog ML's??
convick (61 months ago)
BTP doesn't allow ML and it is the biggest contest on the site. Not sure what other huge contest has allowed MLs before.
LT Profits (61 months ago)
We had teams flip-flopped in Lamar vs. USTA matchup, all Side plays made on bad lines have been deleted. Issue is now fixed, so those wishing to re-enter play at correct line may do so.
gbrown977 (61 months ago)
Just send me the bitcoin now
Orcus74 (61 months ago)
Hey, I know you.
gbrown977 (61 months ago)
What's your record?
HurryUpAndDrink (61 months ago)
good luck guys!!!
winnipegrob2018 (61 months ago)
Good Luck to my fellow Canadians!
jts1207 (62 months ago)
thanks for the free $2500
bonzaii (61 months ago)
you won't win anything so you have nothing to worry aobut JT
HurryUpAndDrink (61 months ago)
bonzaii taking no prisoners!