SBR Triathlon: Hoops Contest

Contest Rules

SBR Triathlon: Hoops Contest

sponsored by Bet365. This contest awards tri-points for the 1st annual SBR Gambling Triathlon.

1st. 5,200 points
2nd. 3,800 points
3rd. 2,650 points
4th. 1,800 points
5th. 1,600 points
6th. 1,400 points
7th. 1,200 points
8th. 800 points
9th. 650 points
10th. 550 points
11-15th. 350 points
16-19th. 220 points
20-25th. 120 points

How to play:

Must pick 100 games, rating picks from one to two units.

1. All prizes are SBR Sportsbook freeplays.
2. Must be SBR Pro or have an application submitted by March 20th at 9AM ET to remain in contest. Contest closes to new entries on March 20th.
3. Users unable to create Bet365 accounts due to country may enter their SBRforum usernames instead.

4. All users must pay a 6-point entry fee.
Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Mon, January, 7, 2013
End Date:Mon, April, 8, 2013
Max Plays:100
Min Plays:100
Bet Range:2
Base Betting:Yes
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:6
Grading Method:Net Units
Prize Pool:23,000 Points
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 13418-13743-553
Percent: 49.40 %
Units: -3,434.40
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 goldengreek 64-34-2 65.31 % W 2 29.5 +52.30 5200 pts
2 Chili_Powder 62-35-3 63.92 % W 2 -24.0 +47.00 3800 pts
3 floridagolfer 61-37-2 62.24 % W 7 0.0 +36.60 2650 pts
4 k13 58-38-4 60.42 % W 1 57.0 +30.50 1800 pts
5 a4u2fear 59-40-1 59.60 % L 1 58.5 +30.00 1600 pts
6 zwoeins 57-41-2 58.16 % W 2 -20.5 +26.50 1400 pts
7 Shane 57-40-3 58.76 % W 2 53.0 +26.00 1200 pts
8 dikefale 58-41-1 58.59 % W 1 0.0 +25.80 800 pts
9 Czu81 60-36-4 62.50 % L 1 -20.0 +24.00 650 pts
10 VegasInsider 57-41-2 58.16 % L 2 -63.0 +23.80 550 pts
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SBR Forum (57 months ago)
Things should be much better now guys. We're sorry for the trouble and let us know if you see anything suspect at this particular point.
SBR Forum (57 months ago)
Hi guys, neutral courts caused some issues with the spreads this week. There is no need to notify each one, the system is being fixed and bad line bets removed. We're sorry for this temporary inconvenience.
The Inevitable (57 months ago)
My pick won (St Louis -11), on the right spread and on the wrong spread. And I get no credit for it?
SBR Forum (57 months ago)
Taking bad lines lead to the pick being removed.
Roadtrip635 (57 months ago)
On 3/14 I had Oregon +3 and it was graded as Washington winning 80-77 and a push, but Oregon won 80-77. Did SBR have the entire thing reversed, lines and scores or was it a mis-grade? If it was a bad line, shouldn't that pick have been removed? I didn't knowingly bet into a bad line, if that was the case, but this whole thing is just confusing.
mugsey15 (58 months ago)
Colorado line is backwards. Has them +5.
SBR Forum (58 months ago)
konck (58 months ago)
Hard to believe 53-46 takes 74th lol really hard to believe
convick (58 months ago)
Break even point at -110 is 52.38%, zero units. 53% is barely above that, unrealistic to expect to break the top 50 with that. Top 10 are all going to be 60%.
slikec (58 months ago)
Chili_powder or goldengreek does anyone of you giving away free picks :D ?
Chili_Powder (58 months ago)
Putting in too much time at work to feel too confident in my picks. If someting stands out I'll try to start a thread. Good Luck.
yisman (58 months ago)
So no actual points awarded, correct?
SBR Forum (58 months ago)
This particular contest awards SBR Sportsbook freeplays, as indicated in the contest fine-print. The overall Gambling Triathlon prize-pool is as follows: 1st. $4,000 cash, 2nd. $1,500 cash, 3rd through 10th receive SBR Points.
yisman (58 months ago)
it says at the top it awards tri-points, so I thought maybe it just awarded tri-points and not freeplays
Scrappy Do (58 months ago)
I'm coming, get ready boys...
yisman (59 months ago)
hit my last 6, for +12, but I'm still way out of contention :(
ramones951 (59 months ago)
Can we get the Fairfield-Manhattan game on the board?
BennyBigNuts (59 months ago)
Hawaii game from 3 days ago still isnt graded
Chili_Powder (59 months ago)
Gummo on Cleveland Cavs tonight, gl
BennyBigNuts (59 months ago)
Hawaii game from last night needs to be graded still.
Timmay (59 months ago)
Can you bet more than 100 games?
GUMMO77 (59 months ago)
No, just 100.
Timmay (59 months ago)
For sure. I started out good lol and now have been losing lol.
darrell74 (59 months ago)
what is action, in the rank column?
GUMMO77 (59 months ago)
Action is the +\- from your picks against the spread. In this contest "action" isn't used.
konck (59 months ago)
im 53-46-1 lol 75th which I think is bs lol thats why i dont like these contest any more 7 over 500 75th ....really
Louisvillekid1 (59 months ago)
What a pisspoor effort on my part! 79 Louisvillekid1 53-46-1 53.54 % W 1 93.5 +4.00
numismatist (59 months ago)
+11.6 units do you think this will put me in the top 25 at the end?
kidk (59 months ago)
I think to make top 25 in the end you will need +20
dikefale (59 months ago)
I think maybe not even top 50 with that result.
Louisvillekid1 (59 months ago)
Gl Numy, I fired away early in this contest not taking my time.... I'm like 23-8 since taking it seriously and still only 52-45-1 :lmao:
Timmay (59 months ago)
Ends in April. Hmmmm.... I'm trying to think on average how many games that is per week. 100 is a lot of games!!!
jose21_us (59 months ago)
you have more than enough time
Seaweed (59 months ago)
Is it too late to finish top 10?
TxAaron (59 months ago)
Probably for you
BennyBigNuts (59 months ago)
I put NONE under my bet365 account number instead of my name. I am in the USA
ramones951 (59 months ago)
3. Users unable to create Bet365 accounts due to country may enter their SBRforum usernames instead.
BennyBigNuts (59 months ago)
That's why I just said I put it in wrong, genius.
stuck621 (59 months ago)
You're making fun of him when you can't even follow simple directions, genius
Louisvillekid1 (59 months ago)
13-5 tonight and just got to 42-42 should of took this more seriously i guess
joemfbishop (59 months ago)
Im at the same as you.. I should of took my time instead of taking chances
jose21_us (59 months ago)
very tight race from 4-10th
Seaweed (59 months ago)
im making my surge
milwaukee mike (59 months ago)
seaweed you better get going if you want to pass me for last. i think i am comfortable there with a -6.80 lead.
Seaweed (59 months ago)
wow you suck
MrZ (59 months ago)
Going 0-4 yesterday really fucked me over.
BigDeem5 (59 months ago)
I am buried, 47-52-1
yisman (59 months ago)
me too
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