Year 2022 (And end of 2021)

Contest Prizes

1. 1st Place 630p
2. 2nd Place 252p
3. 3rd Place 189p
4. 4th Place 126p
5. 5th Place 63p

Contest Rules

Contest Format:Pool
Start Date:Tue, September, 28, 2021
End Date:Sat, December, 31, 2022
Max Plays:30000
Min Plays:500
Bet Range:5
Base Betting:No
Show Pending:No
Point Entry Fee:42
Grading Method:Net Units
Sport Leagues Sides ML Totals

Group Record

WLT: 14814-15364-785
Percent: 49.09 %
Units: -5,405.19
Completed Plays

Rank Name Record Win Percent Streak Action Units Pending
1 yisman 636-550-29 53.63 % L 3 1101.0 +194.31 2 pending
2 toga toga 376-356-22 51.37 % W 1 -27.8 +141.03 2 pending
3 hawkwind 395-364-16 52.04 % L 1 454.0 +119.47 13 pending
4 LT Profits 1071-946-61 53.10 % L 5 1485.5 +94.75 12 pending
5 philliesfinest 500-415-11 54.64 % L 4 126.0 +75.47 -
6 sunshine11 75-52-3 59.06 % W 1 55.0 +55.06 -
7 thezbar 187-152-6 55.16 % L 1 300.0 +31.81 -
8 Kaboom15 9-5-0 64.29 % W 1 19.5 +16.60 -
9 dkp 50-41-4 54.95 % W 1 -43.0 +14.63 17 pending
10 xxx 55-68-0 44.72 % L 1 46.0 +9.55 6 pending
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LT Profits (1 week ago)
OK Washington and NC State games now both FIXED and available!
LT Profits (1 week ago)
***UPDATE*** We are aware of the broken lines on Texas Tech/NC State and Mich State/Washington but those games are not pickable. If you include either if Submitted Picks, nothing will go through! Simply remove from your Pick Cart and everything will be fine.
LT Profits (3 months ago)
NHL game for Saturday 6/18 is currently showing Alt Total of 7 and Alt Puck Line of 2.5. All plays on Alt lines will be deleted.
LT Profits (4 months ago)
The 2 Missing NHL Playoff games for Tuesday 5/10 have been reported
LT Profits (5 months ago)
All plays on Toronto/Islanders NHL game Sunday (4/17) with Isles listed as home team will be deleted.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
Since this is the post-season, plays made on Fresno State/Coastal Carolina with the original Thursday date will keep their Action on Friday.
LT Profits (6 months ago)
Teams in the St. Bonaventure/Virginia game Tuesday (3/22) are currently flip-flopped, Virginia should be the home team and the favorite. ALL plays made on game with St. Bonaventure listed as home team will be deleted.
philliesfinest (6 months ago)
Lazio was winner 1-0
LT Profits (7 months ago)
The following 3 NCAAB listings for Saturday (3/5) are Bogus, plays on these games will be deleted: Air Force/Colorado State , Georgia Tech/Duke , Tulsa/Memphis
LT Profits (7 months ago)
OK, the 5 Bogus NCAAB games gave been successfully removed from the board. Starting to feel like the old days again :D
LT Profits (7 months ago)
The following 5 NCAAB listings for Tuesday are Bogus, plays on these games will be deleted: New Mexico/Nevada , Kansas State/Oklahoma , Weber State/Montaba , Utah/Oregon , Abilene Christian/Dixie State
LT Profits (7 months ago)
There are duplicate listings Monday (2/21) for Evansville/Valpo and Eastern Illinois/SIUE. In both cases the BOTTOM listings are the "live" listings, plays on the top 2 listings will be deleted.
Kami40 (7 months ago)
thanks Brother
LT Profits (7 months ago)
Here we go again, ALL Saturday-Sunday NCAAB Matchups listed as of 10:00am ET Friday (2/18) are bogus. Now, good matchups will probably load later, just be aware of the bad games mixed in.
LT Profits (8 months ago)
OK looks like Saturday games are good other than the bad NCAAB matchups mixed in, and Super Bowl is now up.
LT Profits (8 months ago)
Fukking feed broke again, there are no real plays available.
Kami40 (8 months ago)
ill check haven't looked at email in awhile
Kami40 (8 months ago)
Gm LT good energy your way I still can't log onto SBR Forum or sportsbook are they still working that issue? thanks for your help Greatly apprecaite
LT Profits (8 months ago)
Kami, did you not receive an email regarding password reset?
LT Profits (8 months ago)
OK so there are only 2 bogus matchups for Wednesday where all plays will be deleted: Purdue/Rutgers and Grand Canyon/Arizona State. The good games all have Sides and Totals up, yeay us! NBA and NHL look good though it remains to be seen if other games will be up after all lines are up. As of now, Super Bowl Side/Total will be up at next line change. Biggest issue remaining is LOTS of bogus NCAAB games listed for Thursday thru Saturday they may not go away when good games load.
LT Profits (8 months ago)
Line feeds looking MUCH better, just be aware of bogus NCAAB games the next few days.
LT Profits (8 months ago)
Right now as of 9:30am ET Monday 2/7, there are no real plays available, the NCAAB listings for Tuesday-Wednesday are all fake.
yisman (8 months ago)
all the games seem to have the wrong teams so I have not been picking.
LT Profits (8 months ago)
There are a lot of correct NCAAB matchups today (Saturday), but unfortunately all the right matchups have totals only.
LT Profits (8 months ago)
And for the second straight day, "good" NCAAB games popped up late in the day but with totals only. This also includes a bunch of Saturday games.
LT Profits (8 months ago)
ALL listed NCAAB game through Monday (2/7) are bogus as of 4:30pm ET Friday, please do not make any plays until I say otherwise. So basically. sbrcontests platform does not exist right now :(
LT Profits (8 months ago)
Good news/bad news. The good news is that some good NCAAB games are up for tonight (Thursday). The bad news is that games that are good have totals only.
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